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How to Record/Play/find a Cod4 Demo

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Hellu All  :nerd:

So i have decided to create a little tutorial on how to create a demo and how to play it 

Many Members have asked me how to do this and so i finally decided to create a detailed explanation 

Lets begin :

What is a COD4 demo ?

a demo is basically a recording on the game ,this recording won't lag your game and is compacted well as a 5 min demo will take about 5 mb of space  

How to record a demo ?

Firstly you will need to open up your console by pressing the tilt key ( ~ )

Once you have this opened 

Type /record  and press enter , at the bottom of your screen you will see white text saying recording :  as seen in the screenshot below 


To do this effectively bind record to a Key eg:

/bind F12 "record"

How to stop recording the demo ?

To stop the recording , type /stoprecord in console 

again to do this effectively bind it to something  eg 

/bind F11 "stoprecord"

Where is your demo located ?

Your demo is located in your main folder in the cod4 path 

 C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\main\demos 

or your custom path 

How to play the demo ?

Create Create a folder in the 'players' folder found in C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\players  (or your custom path ) called "demos"

copy and paste your demos from the main folder to the players demo folder 

open cod4 and type in console /demo "name of the demo" 

alternatively you can use a demo player and demo manager to do this instead of creating the demo folder Here :

Demo Player

Demo Manger


Since we do  not accept Demo's ,Play the demo and record the demo using screen recording software





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lel now dis is helpful


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