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  1. 1. Which servers should stay online apart from the old ones (i.e- HCF , SND , FFA) ?

    • Zombies TDM
    • Gun Game FFA
    • Softcore Crossfire TDM
    • Hardcore Crash TDM
    • All Maps Hardcore TDM
    • Sniper Only Hardcore TDM
    • RPG Only Hardcore TDM
    • Desert Eagle Hardcore FFA
    • Knife Only Hardcore FFA
    • Crossfire Night Softcore TDM
    • All Maps Softcore TDM
    • Promod SnD
    • Anything else?

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Softcore Crossfire and Softcore all maps. I don't care about the rest. 



Knife only,

Desert Eagle only,

Crossfire Night,


All Maps HC

RPG only

.... have 0 players. So these are the ones to get rid of.



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Topic  has been locked due to over-topic bumping and spamming 

The poll will remain open

Popular servers will remain such as :

  • Search and Destroy
  • Hardcore crossfire 24/7
  • All maps
  • Free for all
  • Zombie
  • Promod.

If it was not popular kiss the server goodbye as there is no point in having dead server 

Happy Fragging 

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