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20 hours ago, FLASH said:

Can this be the issue?

The crashes happened to me a lot after I mistakingly clicked on a fake dw server and got a virus in my game. Could be that people who might have also done the same thing as me have that virus which contains a script that overloads the server with data and hence crashing it. Just a thought because crashes were quite frequent for me.

Also, One day as I started the game, as soon as I pressed join game in homepage and browsing the servers list, out of no where I heard someone say hello to me, I was like wtf is happening and  again that voice said hello (I wasn't on team speak nor had I joined any server), it was only then when I was sure that my game was infected. It was too creepy, I immediately wiped off the game. Now I don't have a setup. Hopefully will join back as soon as I find one.

its not just for you,

its a server issue :p 

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Yes I know @MONGCHAW. That's why I said it could be that when pepole with the virus are online, then the script in the virus is causing heavy overload to the server hence crashing the server. I don't mean exactly the above could be happening, just sharing a thought so could help in any way to solve the server issue, Mongy! :HungryFace:

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