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can you explain please what is every stat?what is team kills and team deaths?and what is the difference between skill and kill ratio??

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Hey @redtiger

Here are some of  the explanations :

Team Kills :

The act of killing a member of your own team, since friendly fire in our servers is not enabled,this basically means when you shoot at your team or throw a nade at your teammate accidentally ofc 

Skill :

Skill is a complicated thing. In XLRstats it indicates your actual level of how good you are. Our basic skillcalculation formula is taken from the scientific method used in more online competitions like chess and online tacticall games (ELO). Because this game is not exactly chess we had to modify it so it works for our game. We've added penalties and weaponmodifiers so there is a way to include them in the calculation. We also added a team-work factor in the calculation to award teamplay. Your skill increases when you kill, it decreases when you die. Keep the next things in mind when playing for skill:

K/D Ratio:

Ratio is the number of kills divided by the number of deaths. So if you kill 10 players, and get shot 10 times, your ratio is 1. Hence, a ratio higher than 1 is a good thing (more kills than deaths), and a ratio between 0 and 1 indicates that you need some practice (more deaths than kills).


This is when you shoot at a player and you don't kill them but your teammate does ,this is an assist  (+3 ) is given 

Team deaths :

You were last man standing and you let your team down 

The rest are self-explanatory 



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