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Modern Strike Online

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Hey my fellow gamers,

If you play Modern Strike Online on IOS or Android and your new just join the clan, I made it for the -=DW=- player's of here.

Join and have fun while not playing on PC.

The game is not that bad. I looked a proxy for COD4 when i was busy on work but what i found was amazing. The clan is at the moment at European Server due to lack of space on Asia where I live so this might be a good look. After joining just write your forum or in-game COD4 name.

Happy gaming



To join

1. Just level up to 5

2. Go to the drop down menu and Click Clan.

3.Write the clan ID on the photo

4. Wait till you get accepted.

P.S.- You can write your Google Play in-game name down in the reply to notify me faster as i visit at least once in the forum.


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Yay so one on Europe and one on South America wow.


Lets handle another DW on mobile shall we hahaha


Please attach the screenshot of your clans dashboard like me that way it'll be easy to search.

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