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call of duty 4 Some of the things that aren't fixed yet

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Okay so after some times I'm taking time to report several well some bugs and glitches I found on the famous Crossfire Maps.

1.Elevation on the HCF and SCF

The B ladder needs to be fixed as if someone trys to go up the ladder he gets stuck and if someone does manage to go up he can't go out of the A ladder.0t4XpPZ_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&f

2.SCF or Crossfire Night?

Well the server Crossfire Night is Softcore so I assume it was meant to be the SCF so the name has to change :) (If im wrong proceed to the next number :p )


3.B3 not working

So My intuition was wrong but if it is the Crossfire Night then the B3 is not working and the Night effects are not visible. becuz of the B3 off we can't notice hackers therefore some intense hacking till a DW joins the game

Hope to have a positive answer.


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I have myself mentioned this problem,when using the B portal,i found that while jumping into it and hold the right movement button,sometimes you wont end up on the wall,i think this happens because the portal is too close to that wall,just always keep an extra frag handy to kill yourself if hung on the wall..only way to do it..Happy Fragging

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