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When I join servers b3 does not recognize me as a member. When i do !regtest, it says I am a new registered user.

This is my client page before : http://dwarea.com/clientdetails.php?id=146

This is the new one                    :  http://dwarea.com/clientdetails.php?id=62941

I've checked if my key code has changed somehow, but no it stays at the same.

And I've noticed that both clients (which both are me) has almost same guid, but the second one has 00000000 at first 8 digits.

It would be great if someone can help me.


Best Regards.

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Seems like fixed :d

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after two minutes fixed xD just wait bro 

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I have probably posted this 2000 times, why not just post in 2001 times :d

The bug is,

You play ingame and then get CI aka 999

You join the server again and the "old you but with 999 or 1 ping which is CI" is still there so he takes ur  LEGIT key. So he got the  legit guid while urs is changed to 0000000000000000 and then ur last 8 character (from ur legit key but makes it cracked) which is not the legit key but a edited 1.  If you close cod4 and come back in and the old "you" are not there, it would change the guid to the regular "0ad000f00d" (example) and ur last 8 char

My guid when I connect after I CI and join game again when "still me" is still there

000000000000000abcabcabc -cracked no admin powers

While the CI guy who is still ingame

0ad000f00d0as0abcabcabc - Legit key with admin powers

its just the first number that has changed last 8 are still the same.

You can also see it here: Legit Me (look Guid last 8): http://dwarea.com/clientdetails.php?id=395

You can also see it here: Cracked me (look guid last 8) http://dwarea.com/clientdetails.php?id=23980

the last 8 are still the same but still one is cracked cause I connected as CI me was ingame and server changed the first numbers with 00000 only

Hope you understand

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