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Found 1 result

  1. I've been playing in this server for years now and started an account here in dw few months back through the course of my gaming in our dw servers . especially in hardcore crossfire i've noticed some players emptying an entire mag in to a spawn point and some have high prestige levels and when they are found to be guilty some get kicked by admins and some just say they are shooting a the wall or door for fun. Reason i'm starting this thread is to let the super admins know its a known issue experienced by all the players in our servers "MAY BE WE CAN IMPLEMENT SOME KIND OF SPAWN PROTECTION FOR 3 SECONDS OR LESS ,BECAUSE IN HARDCORE ONE HIT FROM SOME LONG RANGE GUNS LIKE LMGS AND SNIPER RIFLES IS ENOUGH TO DIE WHEN DEEP IMPACT PERK IS ACTIVE " I admins will do the needful .