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Found 1 result

  1. a Flying Brick

    All Maps

    I've been playing the dw (dwarea) servers for quite awhile now and I like to play them all, but since changes were made to All Maps my game experience has totally changed. I use to use the RPD. That's out now. I'm ten clicks off anyone else ... now it's too slow. What I notice is the game now totally favors low ping and not all of us are in the single digits so I think the experience of the game doesn't make me want to go in there and play. I just left there and had been in spec watching TRicky who has a 5 ping. I think when I left he was something like 54/3. Next guy on his team with an 11 ping was 40/8. Then ... there's every body else. I thought these guys might be hacking with walls or something else, but I can't really see anything. And it's game after game after game that low ping rules. You just can't compete against these low ping players ... they run the map like ghosts. Nobody sees them. And since that map has rewards for running up a string of shots ... it's the same low ping people blowing everybody up. I always was in the top 5 playing all maps. Now I barely can get out from the bottom. So I don't know if the added features have something to do with it ... or if the game REALLY does favor the low ping .... all I know is my game experience has gone down hill and of course ... it's disappointing. Is there anything that can be tweeked? to level out the playing field? Cause right now ... it's the same people ... all with low ping that ghost up the maps. this is just an FYI of my opinion. I like to see everyone enjoy the game ... but I've been turning to other servers where my weapons are actually doing something. Right now it doesn't matter what I use ... it's not happening, low pings are shooting me right out of the box. That's it. I'd really like to hear from others and the admins ... owner of dw ... so that maybe I can understand why things have changed so drastically. Thanks. a Flying Brick