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Found 3 results

  1. Hello there! From a few years in Call Of Duty 4 i took "few" screenshots about me and my friends... Enjoy! @eXe do you remember old times? PS. Akiyo is hacker, ban him! PS2. I love you all <3
  2. call of duty 4 why was I banned?

    I just recently installed the cod 4 and I got ready to enter a server and it started well but then they banned me but I do not know why I do not have hacks In-Game name when banned:Call of duty 4 GUID : 7048ec71 Server: DW HardCore Crossf Ban Length/Time Remaining: permanent ban I think Why should you be unbanned: because it was an unjust ban and because I want to play on the server please
  3. hi bois (and exe <3) im new here, few days ago i installed this cool game cod4 (just kidding, stupid game) hope so we gonna have fun time together in game <3 sry im newbie, dont blame me see yaa @eXe do you know da wae?