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Found 3 results

  1. Hello ! I was thinking,what if a command like "dlist" could show us only DW members?(!a is for admins dl for members! ! ) Can this command be added ? It could really help us when we are in game !
  2. About Promod(Server)

    About the new promod server. Its a great idea of keeping a bot but if a ally bot and axis bot command was introduced for lvl 10 and above it would be nice.... Because it feels dead with just me and one other AI. If there were more AI and spawn command it would be cool . And not only SnD but if a FFA or TDM HD was introduced it would also be cool.
  3. Mobile App

    If the DW web comes with a mobile app for everyone to use? Its a suggestion I wanted to post the same stuff at old forum. What do you think because not all of us has a decent internet on the go.