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  1. Modern Strike Online

    Hey my fellow gamers, If you play Modern Strike Online on IOS or Android and your new just join the clan, I made it for the -=DW=- player's of here. Join and have fun while not playing on PC. The game is not that bad. I looked a proxy for COD4 when i was busy on work but what i found was amazing. The clan is at the moment at European Server due to lack of space on Asia where I live so this might be a good look. After joining just write your forum or in-game COD4 name. Happy gaming MONGCHAW To join 1. Just level up to 5 2. Go to the drop down menu and Click Clan. 3.Write the clan ID on the photo 4. Wait till you get accepted. P.S.- You can write your Google Play in-game name down in the reply to notify me faster as i visit at least once in the forum.