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Found 12 results

  1. Kevin

    forum Donate

    Hello everyone, We need your help to keep our servers online. Any donation will be welcome Thank you
  2. Kevin

    forum New panel

    Hello everyone, We decided to develop a new panel for our players, for now this panel is in beta, once the final version the source code will be available for the public for the other teams. You can find the panel on this link http://panel.dwarea.com it is possible that you find bugs, if you have bugs thank you to answer on this topic. Several new options are available, you can customize your photo b3 for example E.G http://panel.dwarea.com/client.php?cid=574, or you can now see the stats on your favorite maps. I let you discover the panel
  3. Kevin

    forum Discord

    Hello everyone, As you can see, we have a discord server, you can join via this link : https://discord.gg/bQsD584 On this discord, you can find our members, or the players of our servers, and you can talk together. What's new, you can now also in a cod4 server type the command !discord this will warn your friends that you played on the server. Several commands are also available via the discord server !fps (this gives you permission to have this command on our cod4 servers) !online (this allows you to see where our DW players are playing right now) !ip (This command allows you to know the IP of our servers) !ban (This displays the list of the last 5 banned players from our servers) !find name (This command allows you to find the information of a player.) Do not hesitate to join us on discord
  4. http://dwarea.com/staff/ The site needs to be fixed some of the tables codes can be seen and aren't properly shown. One more thing its good to see you all again ^^
  5. Kevin

    forum New donation (piko)

    Hello, We are pleased to announce a donation from @piko 5€ A big thanks to him
  6. Hello everyone, How did you see it last week the forum and our servers were down. The reason for this? I wanted to update the version that manages the site (php 7.0 => 7.2.1), unfortunately the update does not know well done, which caused a lot of errors, I look for times to correct its mistakes, but without success. I searched all night, I did not sleep for 24 hours, and unfortunately at the end of the day, I made an cmd that deleted all files from the servers and our backup system, too tired, and I acted like a big noob. Since our backup system had no backup, I had backups on my PC, I made an upload with my personal connection of all files servers and site, which took time, I only have 5Mb/s upload. For the moment? Our servers are online, and the site too, here I corrected the pages that did not want to appear, the players page and stats for example. Here I take care to put b3 online, it will be available at the end of the day. Here I ask you to forgive me, I know that I am a noob
  7. DucK

    forum New donation (eXe)

    Hello, We are pleased to announce a donation from @eXe 15€ A big thanks to him
  8. Hello everyone, As you may have noticed, several things have changed on the forum, as we are going to host a new game (Battalion 1944), I was forced to group the options of each game into one menu. It will be easier for us to identify the players in this order, for example the notice board, found in the menu Call of Duty 4, as well as all the options that go with CoD4. Also a new option appeared when you made a new topic, for example in the recruitment request / Ban Reports, Ban Appeals, you can select the prefix of your game. I'll let you know for the rest of the next days
  9. SniperWolf23

    forum DON'T MISS ME!!!!

    Guys, some of you already know that I am not going to return to COD for a long time. I lost my skill at sniping and I don't know how to play anymore. There I admit it I am a noob. If I ever come back that will be when my mind goes crying. I love you all with my heart, especially those who are very close to me in the forum and in-game. Thank you for you're kindness and I hope you all have luck in-game. I am leaving, but let my tag be on my name I want it to be a memory for all of you. THANK YOU ALL!!!! :'( :') <3 Probably only today I will be active on the forum. SniperWolf23 is leaving!!!
  10. This is why kevin is the best RA at the moment, I know about the other RA and HA s but this thing touched me.... Most of the time ppl take off the rank after there retirement to avoid abusing but he didn't do that. This also proves the trust and close ness of an Admin. If we have any problem we can talk with the HA and RAs although it is a fact that Kev doesn't always responed to PM as he is busy but you can always try vader , andread and DOn or exe.
  11. Hello guys so recently i got a sponsership from the https://www.samplephonics.com/ .. They are a samples and loops colleting website. If you use my referal code you can get €30 for the SAMPLE PACKS totally for free. If you are a EDM producer just use this code on there website while singing up. and get €30 instantly not to mention you can get more samples for free. there website is https://www.samplephonics.com/ .just go and enjoy. <3

    Mobile App

    If the DW web comes with a mobile app for everyone to use? Its a suggestion I wanted to post the same stuff at old forum. What do you think because not all of us has a decent internet on the go.