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Found 151 results

  1. HI admins, i want your attention to think how would be a knifer server in DW in team death match style i know u had a knifing server before but it was a FFA server heres something i captured today to motivate you to build a knifing server you may allow use of smoke and flash grenades no stuns , as we know stun is for noobs . i have demonstrated the use of flash and smoke in the video please tell how u opine after watching this 8 minute video of war in medival battle style
  2. I won't be active for several days and I have applied for membership. I won't be active cuz I have an exam.So please dont think that i am Inactive player and I will be active as soon as possible. This message goes to the heads of membership @IAV4K and @DoN
  3. Hello everyone, For the world cup, I decided to create a fun server -=DW=- FootBall 2018 WWW.DWAREA.COM PASSWORD : mappack Do not forget to play on this server you need to download the map manually : 64bits: http://dwarea.com/football2.zip 32bits : http://dwarea.com/football32.zip Just press install and it will install in your cod directory When download has finished it will ask you if you want to autoconnect to server If you want to auto connect then press 1 and enter, if not press 0 and enter If you pressed 0 then Open cod4, open console And write this: /connect;password mappack Virus scan: https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/adf89e8ab3d2bef25e9f702b5d4604914bf81b726217e08e1c5e5c1f66bce36a/detection
  4. can you tell me why my gunpower is coplete lost.
  5. KashanRaider

    call of duty 4 dEATH RUN Fun

    GUYS TODAY WE HAD FUN WITH @DucK AND @Kevin IN death run though we thought both of em were nubs but they turned out to b the pros recorded a pro playing shot ,............... i got 2 vids kk ? i had more but it might take time https://youtu.be/n_LDmVmL-Fk
  6. Hello please help me, why when i go in S&D, he say : the server have map pack, please download it in dwarea.com +*C4m!LL3*+ THX FOR HELP!
  7. KashanRaider

    call of duty 4 CARE PACKAGE

    hi admins and fellow members , i have a query about care packages , many players get care package pretty rarely and im among one of em . its pretty annoying when someone else kills u and steal ur package , this problem is not in CFN or HC CF but mainly in FFA so its a kind request to the admins , that plz install booby traps thingy in care package system , in case some one steals the care package , because its really annoying and outraging for me and many more due to which they use too much abusive language on the care package thief that they r kicked out . plz find a way to deal with this dillema . your raider , thankyou .
  8. KashanRaider

    call of duty 4 ads

    CAN I JUST SIMPLY ASK A QUESTION ? WHY my internet keeps showing me bit coin mining ads??? its super annoying when it occurs in the middle of chatbox bandicam 2018-05-11 10-44-07-298.bmp
  9. Hey everyone I was wondering what happened to the sniper only server which was being made by sir @kevin. I know it takes a lot of hardwork but I wanted to know about its progress.....?
  10. KashanRaider

    call of duty 4 kill house

    hi guys, and hi admins and members, It has been long playing in the same maps of search and destroy can u add the kill house map (in which the single players game story begns) and downpour If downpour is a too large map u can reduse the map size or territory by editting it it can be fun.i only got snap shots for kill house bandicam 2018-05-07 19-09-21-557.bmp bandicam 2018-05-07 19-09-20-557.bmp
  11. cute REAPER

    call of duty 4 A kind request

    My application was refused and I have to wait for 1 month to post a new one .So its OK i can wait 1 month but you've asked me to change ma key code. But I dont have the original game because its very rare in our country.So can u please think about it and please bring me a solution. This is just a kind request!
  12. junisofi

    call of duty 4 lagging

    there is almost a person who laggs idk why his ping is varies from 50 to 60 .....is it hack or server error ........eg stevan for zombie mod
  13. Hello all ! I love your servers ! They are the bests servers in COD4 ! J besides, you make everything so that the players love the game (and the servers) and feel good! You are the best DW! It has been 3 years since I play in your servers! And I have many friends now ! I want to thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much and see you next timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! +*C4m!LL3*+
  14. Hello everyone, I've noticed, and I play zombie a lot, that a lot of people glitch. For example, as I'm writing, a player called STEVAN is glitching on a map COUNTDOWN. He went up on a building near a truck and is not willing to get down. There are many maps and many glitches on which you can easily glitch and it spoils the fun. Since there is rarely an admin present, I would like you to consider adding option of voting to kick. And that you need a huge majority of players (like 60-70%) to get the person kicked. It would definitely reduce amount of people glitching on servers. I don't think that by giving us option to kick other players you would give us too much power. Please, ponder on it. BR, Hdin
  15. @Kevin can we have a hide and seek server?
  16. u have removed the ban for many places ....when u go there we get warning only instead of death .....please fix this
  17. Dear Kevin and other Admin, Previously a may be 1 year ago, Player STATS and other server stats could be seen in GameTracker, Now it is asking Claim the server. Its just a suggestion, we can claim the server. Checking the Stats in gametracker is also one kind of fun and competetion. Please discuss among the admin, and have a decision. Note: Please check the attached screen Shot. Thanks and Regards, KING LION
  18. Hello! Approximately one week ago later, I posted a topic which spoke bugs of white smokes and you asked me to post some photos. Thank you very much and see you next time The photos :
  19. Hello, I noticed bugs in servers (i don’t know if it’s the server or it’s COD4). Some people can’t die and can’t fire. It gene so certain players. Thank you very much ! Thank you and see you next time! +*C4m!LL3*+
  20. +*C4m!LL3*+

    call of duty 4 WHITE SMOKE

    Hi ! I notice bugs in DW servers. I don’t know why, but there are white smokes in the map and when we pass above, we bug and our fps comes down (falls) very much, then, if we go away, we don’t bug and our fps goes back up(raises). It annoys certain players. Thank you very much ! Thank you so much and see you next time!! +*C4m!LL3*+
  21. +*C4m!LL3*+

    call of duty 4 WHEN B3 is down

    Hello, I noticed that sometimes, b3 does not thus work he has people there who take advantage to say vulgarities or offend or even hack and I do not support it. I do not know what you can make! It is maybe necessary to watch them or even to register them names to report them when b3 work ? It’s my idea but idk. Thank you very much ! Thank you very much and see you next time! +*C4m!LL3*+
  22. Kevin

    call of duty 4 DW vs DW #1

    Today @Heroic has prepared an event, thank you for organizing it. I really liked it, it's been a long time since we played together. Unfortunately everyone was not there, I hope you will be there, the next time.
  23. Dear Kevin, I used to play Free For All, Many times I got the streak of 20+ kills. I found in between , I guess a 14 kill streak or 17 kill streak will give us compliment of Health care Package. But every time it whenever I try to use it, it will say , Health care package is not available with the current position. There are two things, 1. Either I don't know how to use it. 2. Or there is something 'bug' In this case 1st one is absolutely True. But I don't know about second one// Its my duty to inform you as a player. Thanks and Regards, KING LION