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Found 90 results

  1. call of duty 4 sabotage

    @Dusty @Kevin hi i m kashanrider i went to another server in my yesterdays tempbann the server was sabotage what i noticed is that sabotage is a longer game and many people like sabotage if u can make or install another server for sabotage i believe more players would join also sabotage almost is = to search and destroy but only better than it. IF THE SABOTAGE IS HARDCORE THEN IT IS BINGO i hope i will recieve your positive response , thank u regard, kashanrider
  2. Hello everyone =) I'm Happy to play in your zombie serv and i spent quite some times with my friends ! I have somes suggestions for you. 1st - Is it possible to add 2 projectiles for zombie in order to avoid camp ? Because camp is really really annoying. The 1st impression in server zombi is the instinct to survive but all people camp in all maps even if some camp spot are not allowed and ,for the pure gameplay, we don't have this sensation to survive with a lot of zombie behind you. 2nd - Can you add a sniper ? A good sniper can 1 or 2 shoot a zombie like the video ? All people play with shotgun. I try to show at people how use P90 and it's works ! But Sniper is so bad with 0 damage ... 3rd - Can you add , for the last survivor , a boost speed in order to improve this stress for this person ? Thx for reading and I hope see you in zombie server Bye
  3. Look at this pic Thats not mee !! I dont know who is he or she what ever. I just playing S&D and Type !Fps AND !fov and suddenly i was just kicked and banned !!! I'm totally shocked what was Happening !! I come to see that reason i kicked for Because I dont do any thing Wrong !! when I came here i see that holli sh*t !! That was not me. NOw guys help me how can i remove him !!?? PLZ
  4. where softcore croosfire is shutdown my fvrt server
  5. Hi all, I have mentioned it before, but still haven't been fixed yet. There is a wall bug on HC Crossfire server, Opfor side. When you use the ladder behind the car, you go up the wall and then you are stuck. Please fix this? Thnx
  6. call of duty 4 Server Idea

    I have no idea but i just had a good idea for a server. I know you guys are warmed up to Battalion 1944 but i still hope you guys will be able to add this server. anyway my idea for a server is last man standing, its like a free for all mixed with search and destroy. Everybody is on their own and when you die you have to wait for next round untill only one player remains. what do you think of this?
  7. Fov Settings

    How can i use fov
  8. Hello all! Hope you're having a great day I have a suggestion for a new server that have been missed by many of it's old players. It's Sniper only server! This server have been missed by many players whom I got to know them there, many of them told me "it would be great if it returned". This server may not be some 50/60 players or 18v18 but it is surely fun and very nostalgic to play in this server again, especially the waiting for shipment map when we all used to go spec and stuff etc... If this is approved, maybe make it shipment only? Anyways, I don't want to make this post bigger, I hope this gets approved. Yours truly.
  9. call of duty 4 bug

    my name is buged and cant look in page to get my guid
  10. Hello Everyone. After deliberately discussed within our staff we are here to announce that the member @.=DW=.Wolfy has demoted and dismissed from DW Membership. Here are his disqualifications : Making fake Ban requests to make his BR count up. (try to fool DW staff) Swearing in our Servers (Keep doing it even after our head admin warned him) Talking trash about DW and its admins. Lied on his member application. Force others to follow him and like his contents (dishonorable as a member) We are doing whats the best for DW and Its Members. If anyone else doing or try to do things like this, better think twice. Thanks. DW staff
  11. ok guys..we have seen that b3 is down often,and when it is you also noticed that's when the hackers come..theres now way of kicking or banning them when this happens..sometimes when a hacker is present and no admins are around which occurs often,ill tell the players to go into the spec mode then the hacker cant do his thing...most players do this but the players that no el spako engrish don't..Kev or dusty..is there an a way that all the players will be automatically shoved into the spec mode when a hacker comes on the server? ive seen on some server where certain things are auto done...just a suggestion because its a shame when an Admin feels helpless when trying to do whats best for the Guest on your servers.. =)
  12. Hello, I am here to complain because one of your admin DW does not respect and does not help the players! I just have him to ask a question and he has me put a warning and in his warning he wrote: reason: shut up! This admin DW is : Dw|Martian Thank you very much !
  13. So I’ve recently noticed that three of our usual commands are not functioning, !Class !Prestige and !Tonline are all “false commands.” Were they removed or simply broken right now? There may be others that are also broken but I’ve only noticed these three.
  14. Hi everyone! I found a small issue with using emoticons in replies in profile. While replying to recent status in someones profile, emoticons appear in the background as to the Report link. It is interferes with the choice of emoticon. This is not a serious problem, but it would be better for everyone if it was solved. P.S. Despite the fact that the problem on the site, I had to choose a prefix, as it is required here
  15. call of duty 4 my idea

    These last days I've been thinking about the possibility of having a prophunt server, or that the prophunt server returned to our servers, since that server is very good and very fun to spend with friends, who believe? It is a good idea?
  16. Hi all! Recently it often happens that after entering the Crossfire Night or Hardcore Crossfire, after a few seconds the connection is interrupted, sometimes 2 or 3 times in a row and the message "Server response timeout" comes out. But sometimes the connection is restored and I play without problems. After that, the server disappears from the list, but after several updates it appears again and everything repeats again. This problem as at work as at home (my internet at home is not bad, so reason is not quality of my internet) 30 minutes ago I was playing in Crossfire Night, then I exit and rejoin but couldn't. I tried about 20-25 times to enter Crossfire Night and all time this problem. I think this is due to checking my key or other data when I log on to the server. Pls help me with this.
  17. Can we make it so that u cant get banned for writing !stats, I personally use the command a lot and some admin (not gonna name anyone) temp-banned me because I used it too many times.
  18. Hey guys, I have come across that no command works for me... I dont know if its only me or everybody but pls fix this bug or glitch quickly.... Thx for reading this and enjoy your day!
  19. call of duty 4 Admin hacke

    • = Dw = • eXe hacker,,,,https://youtu.be/lwNIh6H3CVw , ninja,4k ,peep ,kick hacker dw
  20. Okay so after some times I'm taking time to report several well some bugs and glitches I found on the famous Crossfire Maps. 1.Elevation on the HCF and SCF The B ladder needs to be fixed as if someone trys to go up the ladder he gets stuck and if someone does manage to go up he can't go out of the A ladder. 2.SCF or Crossfire Night? Well the server Crossfire Night is Softcore so I assume it was meant to be the SCF so the name has to change (If im wrong proceed to the next number ) https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ 3.B3 not working Hope to have a positive answer. MONGCHAW
  21. GAME CLOSED ! Hello With -=DW=- you have the opportunity to win a key for battalion 1944 How do participate ? You have to find something or it's written 2007 on one of it's two maps Ambush or Overgrown Only one rule you must have at least 20 posts on the website to participate, remember, you must have a paypal account to receive the 15€. Good Luck
  22. When I join servers b3 does not recognize me as a member. When i do !regtest, it says I am a new registered user. This is my client page before : http://dwarea.com/clientdetails.php?id=146 This is the new one : http://dwarea.com/clientdetails.php?id=62941 I've checked if my key code has changed somehow, but no it stays at the same. And I've noticed that both clients (which both are me) has almost same guid, but the second one has 00000000 at first 8 digits. It would be great if someone can help me. Best Regards.
  23. call of duty 4 Search & Destroy

    Admins we need the ·KILLCAMS· back With ·KILLCAMS· we can report hackers and teams need to see how the round finishes Because ass me I'm very courios to see how we won the match if I didn't DIE
  24. Hello everyone You now have the possibility to create a graph of your stats, to see the progression, by days / week / month. To do this, simply go to your B3 page and click on this button After clicking this button you have to wait 5 minutes for the result to appear, E.G. For the moment it only works on the SD, will be available on all our servers tomorrow.
  25. This is why kevin is the best RA at the moment, I know about the other RA and HA s but this thing touched me.... Most of the time ppl take off the rank after there retirement to avoid abusing but he didn't do that. This also proves the trust and close ness of an Admin. If we have any problem we can talk with the HA and RAs although it is a fact that Kev doesn't always responed to PM as he is busy but you can always try vader , andread and DOn or exe.