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Found 151 results

  1. In-Game name when banned: vtir Your GUID (e.g. f26ee699): 3e409544b3633d2a62db58d9cdif6cii Server: DW crossfire night Ban Length/Time Remaining: idk Why should you be unbanned: idk
  2. RavenOfMetin

    call of duty 4 RavenOfMetin Baned

    In-Game name when banned: RavenOfMetin Your GUID (e.g. f26ee699): 54e8d9f8 Server: -=DW=- Promod ^1LIVE V2.20 Ban Length/Time Remaining: prohibited on the server no length of time Why should you be unbanned: I have not done anything bad only between I kick the server and said he was banned and said ask ban appeal
  3. hi @Kevin and all -=DW=-staff , plz fix or remove the auto ban system today the auto ban system went koo koo crazy it started banning players with no reason if u remove the auto ban u will have more time to attend the BRs that r regularly being posted due to a hacker flood and hence u will b keeping servers clean with no hard work ... u jus need to remove the auto ban ..the processes will get fast automatically have a look .. the auto ban system banned 3 to 5 ppls in 3 times ... i too got 2 warns and i left the game b4 i get banned
  4. Disorder

    call of duty 4 Ban appeal

    In-Game name when banned: Disorder|<3 Your GUID (e.g. f26ee699): Server: promod live V2 Ban Length/Time Remaining: ? Why should you be unbanned: I got 2 warnings then exe kicked me for no reason
  5. In-Game name when banned: Your GUID (e.g. f26ee699): Server: all server Ban Length/Time Remaining: Why should you be unbanned: hlep me
  6. In-Game name when banned: Your GUID (e.g. f26ee699): Server: sarch & dectro Ban Length/Time Remaining: 5:25 Why should you be unbanned:
  7. KashanRaider

    call of duty 4 Ping Raise

    hi admins and members, I have an issue on pings from 1 week my game ping keeps fluctuating between 70 and 90 due to a reason or some ... plz tell is there any possble way to improve my ping the gameplay is terrible due to dis bad bad low low ping hopeful of help ! your Raider
  8. supramax123456789

    call of duty 4 Ban appeal

    In-Game name when banned: Your GUID (e.g. f26ee699): Server: Ban Length/Time Remaining: Why should you be unbanned:
  9. |HAX|AtyA

    call of duty 4 Unban pls

    In-Game name when banned: #joyst1ck Your GUID (e.g. f26ee699): ba6bb115 Server: search and destroy Ban Length/Time Remaining: permanent I guess Why should you be unbanned: I should be unbanned because I am a legit player for 5 years and I respect DW alot and i m sorry if i did some mistake

    call of duty 4 i am ban plz help

    In-Game name when banned: Your GUID (e.g. f26ee699): Server: Ban Length/Time Remaining: Why should you be unbanned:
  11. In-Game name when banned: SURVIVAL Your GUID (e.g. f26ee699): 03a32fa1 Server: .=DW=. Crossfire Night 24 (IP: Ban Length/Time Remaining: - Why should you be unbanned: I dont do anything wrong!...
  12. Nombre en el juego cuando está prohibido: su GUID (p. Ej., F26ee699): Servidor: Prohibir Longitud / Tiempo Restante: ¿Por qué debería ser eliminado?
  13. In-Game name when banned: About 4 hours ago Your GUID (e.g. f26ee699): 1b444e0b Server: Crossfire Night Ban Length/TCime Remaining: İ DOnt know its writes cuz of the ban is Namechanger Why should you be unbanned: because i register ur site now please open the ban
  14. In-Game name when banned: Yourself Your GUID : 866c76c2 Server: -=DW=- Promod LIVE V2 search & destroy Ban Length/Time Remaining: not known Why should you be unbanned: not known
  15. Juan Guevara

    call of duty 4 BAN APPEAL

    In-Game name when banned: Zorm Your GUID (e.g. f26ee699): Server: AnonymousHCTDM, .=DW=.Private By WWW, =DW=.Crossfire night, aaa|MN|#22 SD HIGH, aaa|MN|#23 GUNG,EVERYONE ELSE Ban Length/Time Remaining: A few months, i already put some post talking about it, you sent a mail. Why should you be unbanned: i'm not a toxic person, you can see my chat to prove it, i really like this game. im feel so bad when i cant freely so i have to search and search a play i know a made a mistake but i've learnt about it, please let me play
  16. Hi guys, So since the servers are back up, I see a lot of complains about the servers that are not in the list. I wanted to help all the new players and players that doesn't know how to connect to the servers manually, so here it is... 1st. On your keybord, there is a button that is next to the "1" that looks like this "~", presa that button to open the console. (If it does not open, go to options, multiplayer then enable the console). 2nd. Now go to this section on the website to get the IP of the server you are looking for... http://dwarea.com/servers/ or 3rd. After you got the IP, go back to your game and open the console, then type /connect <serverIP> and press Enter. Now you should connect to your wished server if you typed in the IP correct. Kind Regards DaRealGhost Happy gaming fellow players! P.S. A few photos or maybe a video will come soon,
  17. my suggestion is to get a knife round in the promod server for maybe a little warm upif it is goona come pls tell me cause it will be fun when lots of poeple are on
  18. Kevin

    call of duty 4 Server down

    Hello everyone, As you can see, our servers are out of order, why? Apparently for the first time my bank refused the automatic payment to pay the server without informing me, so the server does not pay on time. I just made the payment manually, unfortunately our host is in France and my payment comes from Belgium, suddenly we will have to wait 24 hours max without server. I sent the proof of payment, see if they can activate the server the time of the payment Please accept my apologies for this problem. Stay connected to our discord to be informed. https://discordapp.com/invite/JHujA5?utm_source=Discord Widget&amp;utm_medium=Connect
  19. http://dwarea.com/staff/ The site needs to be fixed some of the tables codes can be seen and aren't properly shown. One more thing its good to see you all again ^^
  20. I was wondering. Such maps as chinatown or broadcast. Why they are not included? I am sure it would be a nice change. Did you even consider including them into promod ?
  21. I created an account on the dw forum because I liked there servers. I also got the privileges of the fps, fov, stats, and prestige commands. I could use them until now. I got temp banned for one day, and I logged back on today, typed in the fps command it it said I don't have sufficient access to this command! Bugger mate. you guys need to allow my commands again. IDK why I don't have them anymore! Fix this problem please!!!!!!
  22. Hello dear -=DW=- Family; I think it’ll be great if the final killcam will be back on S&D server. It’s not necessary but I think it’s a part of the fun. Thanks in advance, MetalAss.
  23. (ARG)Nacho

    call of duty 4 Nacho!

    Contact Information: Name: Ignacio Age: 18 Location: Argentina Guid: Game Information: Current Games: CoD4 InGame Nickname: (ARG)Nacho Current Servers: HardCore Crosffire Time spent on our servers: Some hours Personal Information: i have 18 years old Why do you want to join -=DW=-?: becouse i feel good in this server What do you think bring us, by joining -=DW=-?: your are a responsable people Have you ever been a part of a clan before?: No Additional Info:
  24. hi admins and members , these days i ve been playing promod alot , and i found a nuisance which is truly annoying .... you see in normal s&d the dead chat is not seen by the surviving players which is kind of a great thing but some naabs/noobs in promod always blew other player's cover if they r hiding or playng ninja style i agree camp is annoying but I donot camp then why some noob must intentionally blow mine OR other players cover it is a request to @Kevin plz dont allow the dead chat to be visible to surviving players - thank you , Your Raider
  25. Dear Admins and Owner of DW, Its my suggestion for the bright future of DW . We can earn the money without asking donation. I know its not easy, but we can try. My basic Idea is : At every Sunday , we will conduct a tournament at our server. For Participating the tournament we will charge some amount (may be very less like $1 per head which can be affordable). For example, if 5 members in each team. so there will be Two teams playing against each other. So number of members will be 10 and DW will have 10$ in hand before start of game. The winner team ofcourse shall get reward, DW can give them $8 per head. and here the DW can earn the 2$. Looser team will loose their Money ofcourse. Once the concept is successful, we can make it as online big tournament as globally players will come and play. I everything is not easy , but we can think about it. Thanks and Regards, KING LION