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  1. KashanRaider

    something To Share With Youll

    @DoN beast got a point A guy named aka Santa used bad words many times without using the abbreviations like fk and sht .he used them fully And dw didn't warned him I wrote like he did but I got warned he is using something his forum names is @AKA
  2. KashanRaider

    New tattoo <3

    Wolf tatoo is cool but y u have the alpine trees on ur arm it makes u look like u r injured badly
  3. KashanRaider

    call of duty 4 map pack

    hi all , @Kevin or some one plz fix the bug that i keep getting mappack error when i try to connect to s&d ths happens in day but not at night ...
  4. KashanRaider

    call of duty 4 map pack

  5. KashanRaider

    call of duty 4 map pack

    type dis in ur consol /connect ; password ninja boobs thats ur key in
  6. KashanRaider

    call of duty 4 map pack

  7. KashanRaider


    nhi naa nhi hun
  8. KashanRaider


    welocme to our forums if any dilemma pm @CoMrAdEWoLfY or may be any of us
  9. KashanRaider

    Happy birthday

    Good job being borned HB<3
  10. KashanRaider

    I had nothing to do so I did that :D

    i bought it too but its giving connection lost to host bug how to fix it???
  11. wierd fact :


    the flat fish that live in the atlantic ocean's coral reef have no gender

    there gender is decided after 2 flat fishes fight ... leaving the one as winner who pierces his penis

    into the opponent flat fish ... that means flat fishes are gays but not after they win inda penis fight xD 

    P.S every flat fish has  2 penis xD 

    1. OUCH


      Damn flat fish.xD

      We're lucky we are not flat fish to be stabbed with a penis..xDxD

    2. OUCH


      I wanna have 2 penis :haha:

      not to be a f**kfish :d

      I mean flatfish xD

  12. KashanRaider

    internet running like snail

    can any one help me with this i m updating battalion 1944 and this is the speed of the inter net plzz is there any app or a way to increase my internet speed this speed is making me wanna @#$%#!%&% someone bandicam 2018-08-03 21-57-16-477.bmp
  13. KashanRaider

    internet running like snail

    i donno how it set to download but plz see the duration its requiring
  14. KashanRaider

    Need help.

    she may have a ransome ware or a denial of service attack
  15. teacher : students ! do u know cigarette factories kill there future customers 


    student : did u know condom factories also destroy there future

    consumers xD 

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    2. Vicky


      What it meaning? Condom means? 

    3. KashanRaider


      @Vicky u need alot to learn xD 

    4. EqbalSal3h


      Vicky and wolfy congrats u two are going straight to heaven straight. XD


  16. KashanRaider

    call of duty 4 !!--- GIVEAWAY ---!!

    hmmm dude in discord 1 pin showed i won but im not mentioned here .. y is dat?? am i l8??
  17. KashanRaider

    DWvsDW Challenge - Video Highlights

    /cg_thirdperson 1 /bind 3 cg_thirdperson
  18. KashanRaider

    Need help.

    all u have to do is install the v1.0 of cod4 get ur internet and join the game no big deal
  19. KashanRaider

    DWvsDW Challenge - Video Highlights

    awesome !! but y many of us were jus dyng ?? we killed too i think sooooooww??
  20. Most stupidest thing  i ever saw and heard on Discovery channel after which i could nt stop laughing 


    " spirits or devils or whatever  talk in latin " xD  paranormal witness show 

    1. Araf


      What's so special about Latin???

    2. KashanRaider


      latin is the scientefic language

      some say secret societies  conceal there messages through latin language 

      pretty stupid xD 



      I found the Latin language


  21. KashanRaider

    call of duty 4 A new server!

  22. i have reached 300+ points


    thanx for ur suport fellas :heart:

    1. DaRealGhost


      Congratz dude, wish i had as much as you :P 

    2. FNATIC


      CoNgRaTz .. :d 

  23. KashanRaider

    Server of DW????

    try to be more precise when askinga question ... and yes servers r down due to restarting process to reduce server lag Insert other media
  24. KashanRaider


    no @DaRealGhost there isnt any vid hes jus joking STAND ALONE COMEDY Xd
  25. KashanRaider

    Im a quick shot, don't wanna get banned for it.

    whats surprsing ?? most of us click once in a sec