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  1. KashanRaider

    Responding to Negative discussions about DW

    he jus talks funny hes jus messing u up he cant actually do what he boasts of and if he creates a server ... from where is he getting a b3 ? a team of admins ? discipline ? u can answer his server threat by using wallhack and all hacks in his server and keep bann evading until hes fed up and he will give it a rest on any ideas to ruin DW
  2. KashanRaider

    best no recoil u can ask for xDDDD

    BROWH ... u need a chill pill my net was laggy and so i observed this temporary ci no recoil lol AND POSTED IT
  3. KashanRaider

    call of duty 4 HAND GRENADES!!!!!! A RIP OFF

    ooo nice that was wise but i cant wait 10 seconds i wont get any kills well no harm no fowl i will try
  4. KashanRaider

    forum New panel

  5. hi all admins .... plz can u remove grenades from s&d when the situation is 13 vs 13 or more every one keeps spamming nades every where in de map blindly and most of non nubs like mah self get killed i donot like nading i only use stun smoke and flash for tactical purpose not some noob hand grenades plz i promise if u remove nades from s&d u might see mature and professional game play instead of nonsense popping up cars
  6. Killing afks is a war crime xDxDxD 

    1. Vicky


      Truee .. I agree

  7. KashanRaider

    DW Mascot!

    ty i did
  8. KashanRaider

    DW Mascot!

    how abot trying somethinglike dis i made it in gully suit too i will upload it l8r
  9. KashanRaider

    DW Mascot!

    super cool talent bro i like ur idea a mascot but i have an idea try drawing a lady soldier <anime> to denote that -=DW=- is a war gaming site if u drew a plane ol; bg boob girl ppl might think this is a porn site hope u like meh suggestion
  10. mubarak ho bhaaai 

    1. wR RaDio

      wR RaDio

      @KashanRaider khair mubarak Bhai :*:love:

    2. KashanRaider


      shukriya ab tou naya DW clan war organize krna parega xD 

    3. wR RaDio
  11. KashanRaider

    call of duty 4 DW VS HAX VEDIO

    cool editting man best work i saw yet nice i wish i could edit like it i m weak video editter
  12. KashanRaider

    .dds plugins

    @Ninja plz give a dds plugin for paint too plz and plz tell where should i paste the plugin i cant add p any plugin to paint plz help
  13. KashanRaider

    .dds plugins

    hi all . im a bit in problem ... i cant find a descent site or link to download a dds plugin for my adobe photoshop cc ... if u know plz give me the link or better yet mail me the plugins for both 32 and 64 bit plzzzz... ty
  14. KashanRaider

    check out mah bloody assisstance ! xD

    how much assissts u got?