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  1. call of duty 4 Server Sniper Only Custom Maps

    @Mythical @[email protected] @Kevin @MONGCHAW @RAZTA XD @Police @Talin I THINK THIS IDEA is radical he should have a different map to test skills these maps r getting abit boring am i right? old maps have most probable lucky nades however this would be a new virtual adventure
  2. Fake Dw Servers !!

    @LyNx then except one all r fake?
  3. call of duty 4 WHEN B3 is down

    hmmmm that problem is alot in ffa i heard that @Kevin was upgreading b3 but i donno was that true or not
  4. Fake Dw Servers !!

    tthanx is dat y my computer shows more than 3 dw zombiie servers?
  5. hide and seek

    @eXe sounds pretty mush like pubg
  6. Arduino

    hmmmm great idea people love energy using but lol energy is dexreasing day to day @piko
  7. Arduino

    @piko say if u were a scientist or if u had einstiens brain wat u would wanna invent?
  8. Arduino

    @Randil Tharusha @piko wow u guys know alot abot technology . dont they @LyNx . yet lynx and i love tech but know very little and i wanna invent nuke defence system for mah country
  9. Music Arena

    brp wow u all listen alotof music do any ofu listen arabic music
  10. intRO

    hey man sup welcome to forums enjoy salam
  11. call of duty 4 DW vs DW #1

    @Kevin wheres my lucky nade that took u out and once caught @DucK and @IAV4K in one nade . well the evnt was not played as organized but every one had fun killing these HA 'S GREAT JOB @Heroic KEEP ORGANIZING MORE OF EM
  12. INTRO : +*C4m!LL3*+

    wellcome dude <3 make bros and enjoy yourself
  13. call of duty 4 CALL HEALTH CARE PACKAGE..!!

    call air package by 6 and in open area it dosnt come in closed area
  14. hide and seek

    he means only rush no camp or hide ?