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Call of Duty 4

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Battalion 1944

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    AK-47 - MP5
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    Backlot - Crossfire
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  1. F4H-MAXI


  2. F4H-MAXI


    because its to little to killed by accident
  3. F4H-MAXI


    It's impossible that some 1 kill 50 times But if ur enamy is noob u can do it over50 times
  4. F4H-MAXI

    voice chat on popular servers

    Yes I know
  5. F4H-MAXI

    voice chat on popular servers

    if u play music and play game u cant heard an enemy foot step in the game esp in s&d servers
  6. Why voice chat in popular servers off? Can b3 secure the voice chat for bad language?
  7. F4H-MAXI

    call of duty 4 Server Rules

    Yes but some 1 isn't use bad words and just talking U should learn the b3 persian and russian and french and pak and indian and other languages Good luck
  8. F4H-MAXI

    I think is wallhacker and i think we must ban him!

    We should ban him as soon as we can.
  9. Salam

  10. F4H-MAXI

    who plays PUBG?

    this game it's not for noobs . its very serious and very dangerous watch its live in: www.youtube.com
  11. F4H-MAXI


    are admins hacking or not? why hacking?
  12. F4H-MAXI

    Remove last stand from S&D

    haaa??!!! now he is get up too late to remove last stand