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  1. Scopecobra

    downgrading cod4

    worked perfectly, thanks alot mate <3
  2. Scopecobra

    downgrading cod4

    Thnx gonna try it now Amen
  3. Scopecobra

    downgrading cod4

    Hi guys, Hopefully someone can help me downgrade my cod4. I upgraded it to play with a friend, but I dont know how to downgrade its now version 1.8-17.7 and it has to become 1.0, otherwise i have to totally reinstall the game and need to play all over again Hope someone can help me.
  4. Scopecobra


  5. Scopecobra

    call of duty 4 New Head admins Level 80

    Congratz !
  6. Scopecobra

    New Head admins Level 80

    @Segria Congratz mate!
  7. Scopecobra

    hazard fact#1

    Ghehe you can atleast try it, right ?
  8. Scopecobra

    Hi I'm RONNIE

    Welcome to the forums
  9. Scopecobra

    How to Join DW clan...

    If you follow Sergria's list you're almost sure you're gonna make it
  10. Scopecobra


  11. Scopecobra

    Legend's Topic

    Welcome to DW @Legend , enjoy your stay!
  12. Scopecobra

    Heroic intro 2.0

  13. Scopecobra

    call of duty 4 Make Zombie Great Again !

    You have a great idea for the zombie server, I think Kevin is the person you are looking for
  14. Scopecobra

    lets play

    Welcome mate!
  15. Scopecobra

    call of duty 4 Wall bug Opfor side HCcrossfire

    Ofcourse he will fix it, he cant do everything at ones. He is a busy men with alot of servers to keep fit