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  1. New Head admins Level 80

    @Segria Congratz mate!
  2. hazard fact#1

    Ghehe you can atleast try it, right ?
  3. Hi I'm RONNIE

    Welcome to the forums
  4. How to Join DW clan...

    If you follow Sergria's list you're almost sure you're gonna make it
  5. Hi

  6. Legend's Topic

    Welcome to DW @Legend , enjoy your stay!
  7. Heroic intro 2.0

  8. call of duty 4 Make Zombie Great Again !

    You have a great idea for the zombie server, I think Kevin is the person you are looking for
  9. lets play

    Welcome mate!
  10. call of duty 4 Wall bug Opfor side HCcrossfire

    Ofcourse he will fix it, he cant do everything at ones. He is a busy men with alot of servers to keep fit
  11. Hi all, I have mentioned it before, but still haven't been fixed yet. There is a wall bug on HC Crossfire server, Opfor side. When you use the ladder behind the car, you go up the wall and then you are stuck. Please fix this? Thnx
  12. VICKY

    @MetaBee Thanks for your support, glad im not the only one thinking he should get a warning/ban. I've been an administrator myself for a couple of years, mainly checking the forums for spam like this. We mostly dealt with it, with help of the 3-point system, 2 warnings - 1ban. This method worked out pretty well for us and kept our community happy on the forums
  13. VICKY

    Why are you making 20 different topics bro, its pretty anoying, they should give u a ban for that imo!
  14. THIS GAME!!

    Best i've ever played