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  1. tthat cover gif is a killer

  2. thanks man i follow  u back

    1. ROnNiE


      Thank U also :)

  3. im back

  4. im back

    Who Miss You !?
  5. I don't Know the meaning of the song, but i love it ! :pretty:

    #MiGente :Top^^:


  6. Admin Abuse !

    yes @Kevin we are just playing in promod and all play knife ruls ! gray also know that cpt told him but he kill me with snip and ai just say like that may stupid knife ruls ! and he give me 2 warning ! is that a bad word (stupid) !
  7. Admin Abuse !

  8. Admin Abuse ! hey i guys i was just playing and graysnovv came and gave me 2 warns for nothing here, u can check my chat-log . i did nothing he was just abusing his admin powers, i urge to old admins to take actions as he is abusing his admin powers....
  9. Congers ! lei :love:

  10. Attention!!! Playboy Alert!!! Call 911!!!

    Am Always chilling !
  11. Attention!!! Playboy Alert!!! Call 911!!!

    dud first see who Give this post @KashanRaider !! than talk about Show off . I never said that girls like me or love me. U should Think Before You start Talking