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  1. BranD!

    pls stop this!!!

    @|HAX|AtyA then there was no need for you to be kicked, was it just a rookie admin abusing his power given to him by the head admins? Could be, you're going to have to speak to the head admins about this.
  2. BranD!

    pls stop this!!!

    You were left alone as in were you the last guy remaining on your team? If so then there's nothing wrong with camping against 7-8 players, you killed majority of the lot so that doesn't really justify you being a camper and as for gray he's been doing that for a quite a while now, he did that to me back in 2017 when i killed him twice i don't know if it was overgrown or countdown but anyways admins should never kick someone without a valid reason and what gray's doing is kind of abusing the power given by DW
  3. Hey i was just wondering why'd dw remove downpour and if you guys were considering adding broadcast,creek and chinatown on search and destroy. Just a suggestion :) ty
  4. BranD!

    Let's Admit It .

    ooooo such harsh words from @eXe
  5. BranD!

    Let's Admit It .

    Malfri for me
  6. BranD!

    Search & Destro

    @@Malfri you're working a lot aye xD
  7. BranD!

    Change of Forum name

    Lol welcome back!