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  1. BranD!

    Second and Drunk introduction : D

    @sX Irish ThuG lol wrong interpretation of words my friend but good for you my g
  2. BranD!

    Second and Drunk introduction : D

    @Rebel holy sht are you my twin? XD
  3. BranD!

    Second and Drunk introduction : D

    @GOODNIGHT Ye haha
  4. BranD!

    Second and Drunk introduction : D

    @Vicky you're welcome my dude!
  5. BranD!

    Second and Drunk introduction : D

    @[eYe]WoLfY yes bro haha sorry about that : D
  6. BranD!

    Second and Drunk introduction : D

    @I'mMalfri haha yeah xDDDD just woke up farking tired asf but ready for another round of drinking tonight
  7. Hello everyone as you may or may not know me my name is Brandan (In-Game)-wA-Brandzyy This is actually my second introduction as my first one had obliterated into dust along with dw,unfortunately. Well let me introduce myself in a well manner, my name is Brandan Veeran I am 19 years old. I was born in New Zealand but shortly after my birth my mommy and daddy decided it would be a brilliant idea to move to a more smaller country called Fiji and don't be fooled it may seem like Fiji's a beautiful country with a nice view of the ocean and blah blah,friendly people and our marvelous economy, it also has it's negatives as well. With our high speed internet i get a 100 ping and on rainy days it gets even better, my ping increases to 150 which also makes my 2 second delay even more enjoyable.Now i really don't want to focus too much on my potato country,i'll talk about myself since that's what introductions are about right? Yes yes so i am a potato guy that loves gaming more than anything in this world we live in, wait that's not how it works.I am a tall,athletic (skinny) guy that loves to game without any hesitation and problems cause gaming always comes first in my books : D I started gaming when i was about 4 that's when i discovered a game called playstation and damn that little playstation changed my life and made me a damn introvert,which i love,socially awkward comes second. I started playing cod4 back when it initially released in 2007 as i used to play campaign mode cause that's all i knew back then, i'm not dumb it's just that the country i live in does not really comply with multiplayer so i had no choice but to play campaign. So it was actually 3 years ago i found this beautiful server called dw and oh my that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.I was so in love with this server, i was badly addicted,more than my addiction to drugs. I was such a potato back then (still am) as i played on a daily basis i met the greatest guy and of my closest friend,the biggest boob on the planet @I'mMalfri and from the day i met this beautiful earthling, it changed my life. I actually learned how to play and how to not be a potato not saying that i'm a really good player but i've improved from the years i used to play prior to this year.He even offered me to join his clan! that was such a huge deal for me, i was actually baffled at the fact that Malfri wanted me a player that starts panic shooting when i see an enemy, to join his clan. I was overwhelmed with emotions i just couldn't turn down his offer. After joining wA i made some more friends,people that i hope i don't forget when i'm high or drunk or sleeping in a drain somewhere in fiji after a night of heavy drinking and these people are @Sh!4 @BeBoZz@IRAN@CiAnOr@Eliiiand a guy that says hi to me every time i join the servers @Vicky Really brightens up my day :') Having a really shitty day and joining the dw servers to play with these guys just takes all my problems and stress away and that's the best thing ever. All i can say is whoever created and started the dw servers, you guys are legends man and if i knew where you guys stayed, i'd send you guys Fiji's finest weed that'll make you trip off the face of the earth and send you into abyss. Once again thank you all and i apologize if my introduction was longer than the declaration of independence, i bet you guys are really bored and must be wondering why on earth did i even read this garbage. Well i apologize once again as i am really drunk and i had nothing else to do at 3am Anyways i hope you all have a beautiful weekend and may god bless you all. Take care my brothers and sisters <3
  8. BranD!

    DeaDreams-DDS wall hacking

    Caught this guy wall hacking on the S&D servers. What a bellend 20180917_064414.mp4
  9. BranD!

    call of duty 4 New host new IP

    @Kevin Any idea as to what my ping would be if i play on the US servers? I play from nz and my regular ping in the server right now is 98-99 which is normal for me lol.
  10. BranD!

    that happens when you don't listen to me

    Haha good meme!
  11. BranD!

    pls stop this!!!

    @|HAX|AtyA then there was no need for you to be kicked, was it just a rookie admin abusing his power given to him by the head admins? Could be, you're going to have to speak to the head admins about this.
  12. BranD!

    pls stop this!!!

    You were left alone as in were you the last guy remaining on your team? If so then there's nothing wrong with camping against 7-8 players, you killed majority of the lot so that doesn't really justify you being a camper and as for gray he's been doing that for a quite a while now, he did that to me back in 2017 when i killed him twice i don't know if it was overgrown or countdown but anyways admins should never kick someone without a valid reason and what gray's doing is kind of abusing the power given by DW
  13. Hey i was just wondering why'd dw remove downpour and if you guys were considering adding broadcast,creek and chinatown on search and destroy. Just a suggestion :) ty
  14. BranD!

    Let's Admit It .

    ooooo such harsh words from @eXe
  15. BranD!

    Let's Admit It .

    Malfri for me