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  1. DW Servers under attack

    i say that DDOS attack first day
  2. Call of Duty 4

    hello why ?
  3. i am pretty sure this guy is hacker

    clean is normal wall spraying good bro look the shooting left right right left is not hack not WH this is sound + spray <>< ><>
  4. Fake Dw Servers !!

    Hi Thanx for info for me i am using Bat file for connect ar51v1hc.bat ....inside the file: iw3mp.exe +connect .bat file must be inside cod4 dir ofc is old bat now is dw servers <>< <>< eat this for better brain ><> ><>
  5. Admiral (Banned)

    ofc this is internal problem guys because all members going to admins because all noobz going to members for make admins !!! i speak this problem 1 mounth back. Grrr here is truth.. PS: great work !
  6. New comands !regfps & !regfov

    no more cryers Thanx Kevin
  7. Vote to kick option!

    Vote progress is crap for players Vote progress is dehonesting totaly game because playng 80% unbrained kids who voting for fun !!! im for this question -1
  8. Phone App for the forum

    secret bitocin miner ? :D
  9. TDM Tournament

    lmg campers vs normals ?
  10. for me renaming rule8 to rule1 rule 8 is best on server this rule for dumbs and no brains :D Making better Game World
  11. Ban is hard Prefering first Kick :D
  12. Hi guys New rule idea Hardcamp without sniper at spawn not allowed. Blind Spray with LMG not allowed. The lmg sprayers hard campers is fully dehonestihg TDM HC server and other server please Head admins consider this IDEA Thanx from Sushi :D <>< <>< REMOVE STATS for lmg campers look the serega :D
  13. The Singing Clan Game

    This topic for hackers ? :D <>< <>< ><> <><
  14. This Or That

    sushi or haburger ?