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  1. call of duty 4 New Head admins Level 80

    congrats<3 @eXe
  2. why !duck and !tonline command is not working in zombie server?

    1. LyNx


      What does !duck and !tonline do? :hmmm: 

    2. Heroic


      !duck makes an sound of an annoying duck xD

  3. call of duty 4 A nuke? :)

    looks good .
  4. Look who I found????

    He look like him?
  5. plz wake up my boiii

    we found alot of hacker in search and destroy and hardcore server plz wake up b3!
  6. New Head admins Level 80

    congrats man @Segria
  7. IP address

    How to stop my ip address changing and spamming the whole ip aliases is there any solution ?
  8. Best use of translation

    Never saw that kind of videos
  9. Mod

    Watch andreadb98's tutorial ----->
  10. Did you know?

    I spend much time in dwarea than facebook xD

  11. Thanks for 40 followers :love:i wish i could get more in insta ;)

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    2. WinterWolf
    3. LyNx


      @SpOoKy Anyway Congratz budd ;) 

    4. Heroic


      it's only 37 followers 

      u can't get more bcox u ain't a hero like me xD

  12. feeling like a rockstar...:rock:

  13. Hi

    Busy in doing work and nothing btw how about you?
  14. IP address

    Yep thats the problem
  15. IP address

    So i get it now its cuz of cracked key
  16. IP address

    @IAV4K when i searched in youtube some videos says how to static your ip address should this helps?
  17. Heroic intro 2.0

    Potato intro
  18. Stars Can't shine without darkness. 

  19. Legend's Topic

    hey and welcome to forums!!
  20. Prestige lost

    B3 was not fixed and !class ,! Prestige,!tonline these commands weren't working so thats why its now fixed.
  21. How to Join DW clan...

    hEY! welcome to -=DW=- forums hope to see you in clan
  22. Admin abuse

    its not good butt! btw for me its very bad word .