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  1. i cant see the server. also i cant join death run server too. whats the problem?
  2. Ne0205

    call of duty 4 Server down

    thanks for info buddy
  3. Ne0205


    Thanks :D
  4. Ne0205


    Hi everyone, Im a Turkish guy who plays CoD4 frequently :D . I've been here about more than a year, but my computer is old so it keeps creating a problem. That's why i lost my old account. My old account was Ne0204 xd. So let me introduce myself properly: Age:19 Country:Turkey How often do i play CoD4:more than 3-4 fours a day Favourite server(s): Search and Destroy, but sometimes i play Hardcore Crossfire too I know that there are some Turkish people who plays this game and want them to contact with me. All people can contact with me of course, but i dont know any language except Turkish and English. So, this is me xd Have a good day fellas
  5. Ne0205

    For all the awsome people out there

    this is what we need to see in this community.