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  1. hello!

    Hello @Grover, let's fly ingame together mate!
  2. @MONGCHAW good for you! Your ingame nick is Mongchaw? I didn't saw U are such a gentleman then!
  3. Hmm.... second poll and again the highest rated choice is about exe is potato
  4. @DoN Yeeeeea allways when somebody wrote something like that I ss'ed him. Today I had free time and was bored, so I made that compilation @IAV4K I also have a lot of demos. But I need moore time to make some compilation over ~800 ss and ~200 demos haha @MetaBee yes mate, now this is only the past and thank you!
  5. Even Duck is there @DucK did you found your self on screenshoot?
  6. Hello there! From a few years in Call Of Duty 4 i took "few" screenshots about me and my friends... Enjoy! @eXe do you remember old times? PS. Akiyo is hacker, ban him! PS2. I love you all <3
  7. How To Make Ban Appeal

    ill follow you brother, show me de wae do da queen <3 @DoN
  8. How To Make Ban Appeal

    Cute voice, @DoN <3
  9. signature

    You're welcome
  10. signature

    u mean enable it? http://dwarea.com/settings/signature/
  11. Airstrike Kills?

    So u want to get back Bog and others small maps with airstrikes every round?
  12. @eXe so it's confirmed! Choices 1 and 4 are most rated, so if you would combine them both together u can see this: "Of course he is 100% potato" It's magic? No, it's truth!
  13. @Malfri perfect <3 Btw. as i can see at poll's results, exe is deffinetly a potato! @eXe its true? Don't lie!