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  1. no recoil

    He is my brother and he was sitting just on my right... Not even one chance of hacking.
  2. b3 in soft

    Can this be done ?
  3. Insult from -=DW=-pascal

    Keep lying get and your buddies into this trick .
  4. Insult from -=DW=-pascal

    You are keep saying the half story... Naming your self macedonian and talking about politics in game we get this. iv got you Ragging and Trashy talking on me And to an ADMIN. Politics arent allowed on our srvs, i asked u gently to rename and you started this conversation.The end was bad you said "i hope your mother die".Dont forget this salty details. If b3 was online i would have banned you Next time Say all the truth. You came on "my home" and you started this. Be Responsible of your actions.
  5. b3 in soft

    Can it be possible to have b3 in softcrossfire ? More over Crossfire Night should be renamed to Soft Crossfire ! !
  6. Suggestion For DW command-list

    What do i think guys ? is this possible ?
  7. Prestige

    ofc it is
  8. forum The problems of the past week

    We need b3 in softcorssfire ! if it is possible !
  9. forum The problems of the past week

    Its ok boss ! Glad to hear all this good news !
  10. Boredom

    WEll u can finish playing all cod's again !
  11. Let's Admit It .

    @IAV4K Damn right my friend
  12. What Server

  13. Movie test & no finished :P

    lol i am going to buy it right now !!!
  14. how do i find my saved profile

    Its not possible my friend . All data are erased even if u have the file.