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  1. Should take STEROIDS or not!?

    You can take something harmless like creatin-amino search them in google. Creatin is a natural product that it is in your body anyway . 5g per day will make you stronger .Steroids is for proffesional stuff . Bodybuilding isnt for you unless if you go in races... Keep that in your mind .
  2. Good morning people and have a nice day! Today is my Name day ! :d 

    1. Heroic


      good mornin' ;)

    2. Heroic


      pascal day or ur birthday?

    3. pascal


      Here in Greece we have A Name day its like birthday bro

  3. suggest me a single player!

    I v played all this ehheeheh
  4. Hi guys ... I want to play an single player game with war and some stuff like call of duty ...but the old ones! I like mostly the old games or the old times of war! Can you suggest me any game like this ?
  5. VICKY

    Welcome and enjoy playing in our Servers.
  6. Crossfire Night

    @MetalUpYerAss jes.... Well i v made like 10 times this topic for this issue. I can add smth like "Fix b3 in Softcrossfire" Its like hell with hackers in there. At least give us a feed back ..............
  7. get rekt

    HEHEHEHE newbie
  8. dw NightCrossfire-b3

    Guys... The fact that Nightcrossfire is named like this is wrong. It has to be renamed into SoftCrossfire . The other issue is that b3 isnt online there!!!! I love playing there,but times to times there are many hackers online .. People are ragging-flamming all the time and #Rules doesnt exist! I can name it Anarcghy.I cant understand @kevin why b3 isnt online in there boss.... All i am asking if it is possible to Add b3 in "Softcrossfire" ! Please Give a feedback ...
  9. Hi people. I am thinking a lot to buy kawasaki z 750 ! I found this moto in a very good price and i so excited. The prob is that i havent "skill" on biking but i v got license. More over i have and one dicent car so a bike will fill me 100%. I want to buy this bike for trips and for this crazy rides !
  10. Music Arena

    One of my fav
  11. no DW only CHEESE for now XD

    Your attitude is disgusting ... You cant handle an ingorance and u are reacting like a child . I was admin and i was demoted and i didnt said a word . Some time patience is our best friend NEXT time when u grow up and "if" u grow up like a man that you are be more patience and respect others. This clan is a family and not a coffe store.
  12. call of duty 4 Wolfy Demoted.

    You are right my friend . We have rules here and this was the only way as it was for me to get demoted . !
  13. b3 in soft

    Can this be done ?
  14. Insult from -=DW=-pascal

    Keep lying get and your buddies into this trick .