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  1. Introduction

    Hello friend ,enjoy your stay in our forum and too our servers
  2. Good luck m8 !! See you soon
  3. Who is the FRENCH BAGUETTE

    Hellooo enjoy your stay heree!!
  4. spraing spawn points Spawn point protection

    So all your are saying my friend is add a spawn protection like 3 seconds or so ??
  5. call of duty 4 New Server FootBall 2018

    Good Job ! We need to group up and make teams !!
  6. Introduction

    Hello,enjoy your stay in our forum and ingame !
  7. #Facts

    That Was the most useless General discuation that i ever seen...!
  8. Intro

    Welcome and enjoy your stay !
  9. Introduction

    Hi friend ! Enjoy your stay heree if you need any help pm us
  10. New Rule ?

    Well i am all for it ! Rule 11 should be done.. People doesnt know anth about scroll shoot ..
  11. New Rule ?

    Last day i banned 2 people because they were using it ! I talked to them but they didnt response to me..I tried to be friendly but again they were still ingoring me ! So i did 1 warn .. and then i gave to them 1 day tb. ! Some people as my friend @uzb said , are doing this on perpose ! This Scroll shoot is like a Hack. Who ever is using it should stop it ... As our rules says it!(i am talking to people of our Clan.. )
  12. New Rule ?

    Hello... Recenlty i noticed that many players are using Scroll Shoot... In our rules it isnt showed up direclty . So i took the courage to suggest this.. #Rule 11: Scroll Shoot Isnt allowed in our servers!
  13. Challenge!!!!!!!!!

    You forgot me !!
  14. Games

    Huh guys @uzb is the best sniper i ever met I was just joking about that heheh !
  15. Games

    @Police yea dude but my pc cant afford sniper elite 4 ! but i will try ghost sniper for sure !