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  1. I'mMalfri


  2. @KING LION it's good idea but many players know that i dont play in my own computer or a laptop i play DW servers in internet cafe which i pay 1$ per hour will you believe me ? and i play only on Saturday or sunday when i play i almost play like 10 or 12 hours so if you count 10 hours i have to pay 10$ thats enough for me even im not member or admin of DW so just telling to you guys
  3. I'mMalfri

    call of duty 4 knifer server TDM style #no mercy

    even its a suggestion video atleast play good so ppl can be more interested ahhahaha
  4. I'mMalfri

    call of duty 4 knifer server TDM style #no mercy

    you need more practice brah
  5. I'mMalfri

    Who is the FRENCH BAGUETTE

    salut! apr├Ęs un long moment mec
  6. I'mMalfri


    and i was joking too See I knew it that you needed jokes
  7. I'mMalfri


    these type of posts shouldn't be posted here
  8. I'mMalfri

    call of duty 4 GUNPOWER

    wash your gun in dishwasher maybe your guns power will copleet back Copleet = Complete ahahha
  9. I'mMalfri


    it happens sometime with me too what i do is restart the Pc
  10. I'mMalfri


    hello mate and welcome to the forum enjot your stay
  11. I'mMalfri

    When your ping is too high

    when i read the title i tought you found the solution when your ping is too high
  12. I'mMalfri


  13. I'mMalfri

    applications for adman ?

  14. I'mMalfri

    New Rule ?

    I'll never stop that hahaha ban me
  15. I'mMalfri


    Now You making Me Laugh Again On You !
  16. I'mMalfri

    thug laaaife... >.<

  17. I'mMalfri

    thug laaaife... >.<

    Its Camaro .........
  18. I'mMalfri

    thug laaaife... >.<

  19. I'mMalfri

    New Rule ?

    I don't use scroll shoot my fingers are just damn fast
  20. I'mMalfri


    Akkhhhh Tuuffff hahahahaha I can't breathe ffs cant stop laughing haahah You Really Wanna Challenge With Me ?
  21. I'mMalfri


    0_O cAN You Fart ?
  22. I'mMalfri


    Hey Pascal I'mMalfri
  23. I'mMalfri


    We Afghan's Don't challenge With Kids & Womens .
  24. I'mMalfri

    Fps bind

    this dont even work for me too when b3 is down
  25. I'mMalfri


    @Uzbek thanks for accepting challenge but you have to agree what i said to you in PM