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  1. malfrie dies

  2. Sniper Only PLZ

    You Have To Pay 20$ Per month
  3. had grenades been nerfed in cod4?

    I swear To God If You Win Me I'll Leave Playing COD4 Forever Mark My Word What If You Lost ? Need To Be Some Challenge If You'll Lose Will You Leave cod4 Forever ?
  4. That's why I'm Saying You Need Some Milk ahhahahaha
  5. had grenades been nerfed in cod4?

    Lol Savaged ? I'm Noob Btw so lets play 1v1 ?
  6. oh not again haah you copied this from one of post in facebook haahahah wtf is wrong with you stop copying you copy cat ! Time To Leave The Earth Seriously .
  7. Hi There!

    welcome ! ah and sorry for kills i killed ya ingame ^^
  8. had grenades been nerfed in cod4?

    noobs nade won't work so good this is said by creator of cod4 so don't get mad at me !'
  9. Rejected :( ahahahah xD Sorry Bro :p 

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    2. Heroic


      @Kevin @IAV4K @DoN

      take action for rule#6:d

    3. IAV4K


      The first action is warn so.... 

      MalFri stop being Noob and don't recruit in our servers !!




    4. Heroic
  10. My Childhood Crush <3

    thats what im talking about .
  11. Hello there

    Welcome Bro & FGS turn off your hacks you really Irritate me ıts a request
  12. My Childhood Crush <3

    I Like Girls Even More Then Anything But I Hate Imma Watson
  13. My Childhood Crush <3

    Am I The Only One Who Hate Her ?
  14. How to reduce ping while playing COD4 MW multiplayer

    Yeah Man Now I closed Porn Coz I need Good Ping To play sometime cod Sometimes Porn <3
  15. How to reduce ping while playing COD4 MW multiplayer

    If You Want To Decrease Your Ping Then FFS Close The Porn Video First
  16. Problem .

    Why I Cant Use !stats !Nm When I Type It Says I Dont Have Process But I Could Use It Before Like 1 Month Ago And Now Not Working I Asked From @DoN He Said I Have To Refresh In Forum Something But How Can I Do That ? My Key Is Legit I Dont Have Any Problem With My KeyCode ! It Just Started Like This After B3 Problem .
  17. Music Arena

    I Made My dog listen to this........... Now he's a wolf
  18. Introduction - Trauma

    Hello Trauma welcome to the forums! get ready to cry because i make people cry in cod4 and that's the truth maybe you'r the next who knows
  19. Problem .

    How To Find My GUID ?
  20. Problem .

    No I Cant See FOV or FPS button btw I Don't Want FPS or FOV Ineed !stats + !Nm
  21. Problem .

    seriously no help ?
  22. Music Arena

    Listen Till End