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  1. Suggestions Please

    HELLO ALL Guys i wanna make a tattoo on my left arm so if any suggestions or any pictures of designs if you know guys coz im searching the best one to make it Thanks.
  2. @akiyo Anytime Anywhere in your Service bro
  3. screenshots

    Look down Click to choose files Click on that .
  4. screenshots

    Because you are potato
  5. I can only say to you Hi Akiyo Welcome To The Forum if you need to know how to be a PRO so you can ask to me i will give you some advices you know
  6. Boy or Girl?

    My girlfriend has also golden Tunnels
  7. Boy or Girl?

    A guy with a golden dig bick
  8. My (2nd) Intro!

    @Roman Welcome back babes
  9. Hello

    Best wishes I'll Miss Ya
  10. My Back ground

    Hi And Welcome To The Forum You Said Patrik Right ? Hmm I Know You Very Well You Are Old Player I Remember That Enjoy Your Stay
  11. tomorrow Is 9th Jan :yes:

    Mah Birthday :love:

  12. DW Servers under attack

    Maybe he's lied to you guys
  13. DW Servers under attack

    I think he's revenging
  14. DW Servers under attack

    I'm Sure The Attacker Is Scottsmudger @Kevin @IAV4K @andreadb98 Am I Right Babes ?