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  1. I'mMalfri

    too big to be notice

    and then i noscoped ya in the air
  2. I'mMalfri


    instagram will be good
  3. I'mMalfri

    Why me reported?

    !n I'm Slow Wh hard
  4. I'mMalfri

    Confest of me lying.

    he kicked me for no reason he's crying ..........
  5. I'mMalfri

    Confest of me lying.

    a lier always will stay the same
  6. I'mMalfri

    Confest of me lying.

    just keep crying ............
  7. I'mMalfri

    Confest of me lying.

    who the hell was afk ? man please cry
  8. I'mMalfri

    Confest of me lying.

    let's say abt 1st kick ok no problem but why the hell he kicked me 2nd time for no reason i was playing and he kicked me when i jo─▒ned again he says i was afk Noobs
  9. I'mMalfri

    Confest of me lying.

    You should be punished for that and kicked me from game instead of warn you dont even know admining lmao
  10. I'mMalfri

    forum Discord

    Is this gonna work for all players or just members and admins ? and yeah i have 1 thing to tell you that if possible make a one video shows that how do you activate !fov + !fps because many players still dont know how o activate it . anyways good job @Kevin
  11. I'mMalfri

    call of duty 4 pormod 1 round knife

    i see on other promod server 1st round you cant pick a weapon it automatically continues with knife !!!
  12. I'mMalfri

    call of duty 4 Server down

    how many hours left ?
  13. I'mMalfri


  14. @KING LION it's good idea but many players know that i dont play in my own computer or a laptop i play DW servers in internet cafe which i pay 1$ per hour will you believe me ? and i play only on Saturday or sunday when i play i almost play like 10 or 12 hours so if you count 10 hours i have to pay 10$ thats enough for me even im not member or admin of DW so just telling to you guys
  15. I'mMalfri

    call of duty 4 knifer server TDM style #no mercy

    even its a suggestion video atleast play good so ppl can be more interested ahhahaha