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  1. You Said I Can't Make A Proper Ban Apeal ? heh For Your Information The Ban Apeall Page Shows Empty For Me I Don't Know Is It Only For Me Or Others Have The Same Problem ! 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. I'mMalfri
    3. eXe


      Yes, cause you gotta copy it from the information post.. Which I SS from

    4. I'mMalfri


      ooh i gotch you now tnx .

  2. The admins need know other lenguage

    ok I'll abuse your mother then i'll say i was joking ? is that ok with you
  3. The admins need know other lenguage

    joking ??? wtf i wasn't even talking to you damnit I have screenshot dont worry it will not take a 1 sec to proove that
  4. The admins need know other lenguage

    comment vas-tu ?
  5. The admins need know other lenguage

    isliye toh kuch nahi kya
  6. The admins need know other lenguage

    I did the same thing .
  7. The admins need know other lenguage

    he abused my [ mother] but I'm not gonna report him , i'll leave it to the god ^
  8. The admins need know other lenguage

    @SpOoKy I still have the screenshot .
  9. My Instagram : Khalid_Arsari :)

    1. BeBoZz
    2. BeBoZz


      why u dont follow me here :(xD

    3. >SpD<Pato
  10. Best game

    Ak-47 is the powerful weapon in cod4
  11. Guessing Your Age

    I quite Education because of maths and im seeing maths here too wanna me to leave DW forum too ?
  12. Take Him Out xD

    ***attention*** All Kids Here Go Back !!!
  13. for god sake .

    ok , No Ip is the same on bro , http://dwarea.com/clientdetails.php?id=841 this is the one all i can find
  14. for god sake .

    Omg i didnt knew that hhahaah :/