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  1. call of duty 4 VPN & Proxy Blocked

    now i dont have to shout saying !n fla fla is ban evade by Malfri
  2. Look who I found????

    and downloading hax from other pc caught***
  3. Dear Reporters ;)

    haahahha Sure
  4. Dear Reporters ;)

    thanks all
  5. Dear Reporters ;)

    Yo thanks man I'm still ami tumaki balo bashi
  6. Dear Reporters ;)

    I dont use fps normally just did for the video ;D
  7. Dear Reporters ;)

    dude watch it in 720 quality its not that bad my graphics -.-
  8. Dear Reporters ;)

    I still use wh ahhaah do you want Link
  9. Dear Reporters ;)

    thanks buddy , Yeah I like it ^^
  10. Dear Reporters ;)

    Hey Everybody , Recently i saw in my b3 page that 28 players !Noticed me that im hacker so i decided to slap them with this video and im super duper noob in editing videos so its un-edited video anyways enjoy the video guys haters gonna say 'man its lucky shots' blah blah ahahahha WATCH TILL END
  11. Attention!!! Playboy Alert!!! Call 911!!!

    wtf did i just readed seriously guys so cringy
  12. 50kill!

    today is 5th April boy
  13. 50kill!

    and it was not TDM or FFA or other servers It was a Phucking SEARCH & DESTRO boy
  14. Competitive Team *maybe clickbait

    If you want to make your enemy CRY you can contact me