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  1. sniper

    call of duty 4 New Head admins Level 80

    congratulations: @exe and @segria. although exe was the one that banned me I do not doubt that he has done a great job in all the time as admin
  2. sniper

    dw Abuse Admin

    woow de esa manera para explicar
  3. sniper

    dw Abuse Admin

    friend, I'm a sniper, the one who banned you is @Marciano.
  4. sniper

    dw Abuse Admin

    No creo que sea ilegal
  5. sniper

    dw Abuse Admin

    I kick you just for camper
  6. sniper

    dw Abuse Admin

    you're right I was seeing when he was doing warning sometimes for no reason
  7. sniper

    forum Forum options (Games)

    always working so that the forum is good for everyone, good work @Kevin
  8. sniper

    thanks for 5 followers xd

    @Comandante you already have my support
  9. sniper


    hello and have fun on the DW servers
  10. There is a problem in hardcore, I wrote the reconnect command in the console and when I got into the marine equipment I was able to kill but they did not kill me. And restarting the game was normal, but I've seen that this has happened to some.
  11. sniper


    I guess the game will be free after its release?
  12. sniper


    M40A3 I like This gun!!
  13. sniper


    why you write that?