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    My interests are only to join the -=DW=- clan and make some friends
  1. call of duty 4 Make Zombie Great Again !

    yes pls make zombies a great server again this one is getting old FAST
  2. Music Arena

  3. Skyrim??

    its great game
  4. OP Sniper Rifle

    no i dont want u to lose ur job over it but tell if if ur at home
  5. the ghost of backlot??????

  6. OP Sniper Rifle

    @Uzbek wannachallenge me?? ONE SHOT ONE KILL
  7. OP Sniper Rifle

    ok i got variosnegative reports of the acog because you like long range sniping so i taught i wuld put up my longrange sniper class with no acog Primary: M40A3 Secondary: Desert Eagle Perk1: Bondoliar Perk2: Stopping Power Perk3: Deep Impact And with this setup this sniper does more damage than Uzman class.if u shoot the enemy no matter where u will get a kill exept for the legs. ONE SHOT ONE KILL
  8. OP Sniper Rifle

    nice class i can give you my long range class setup without acog if you want @Uzbek
  9. The Call Of Duty Evolution

  10. The Call Of Duty Evolution

  11. OP Sniper Rifle

    and if this is not the sniper for you please tell me what is your sniper and i will try my best to make the best OP version of that sniper that i can
  12. OP Sniper Rifle

    Hey guys i was bored and then started to play around with the sniper rifles and different perks and here's what i got Primary:M40A3 (with Acog because that increases the 1 shot 1 kill) Secondary:Desert Eagle Perk1:anything that tickles your fancy Perk2;Stopping power(multiplies the 1 shot 1 kill with Acog and makes it more daedly) Perk3:deep impact (so u can 1 shot 1 kill threw walls) so heres my class setup please try it and tell me what you think
  13. Back 2 School

    Lol yea u are lucky because my parents take away my pc and phone so i cant play games that sucks.but as for the homework i was only trying to crack a joke
  14. Back 2 School

    Yea its back to school i will only be able to play on vacations so u got it lucky mythical good luck and do your homework
  15. The Call Of Duty Evolution

    @heroic thats a nice intro dude well done