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  1. LyNx


    Welcome to DW! C Ya In Game!)
  2. LyNx


    Welcome to our Servers Bro!) Cheers!
  3. LyNx

    Who is the FRENCH BAGUETTE

    Welcome Bro
  4. LyNx

    call of duty 4 New Server FootBall 2018

    OMG! kevin! A million Thanks to u!! A million Respect to u!! love u man!
  5. Hello Guys,

    I guess  I'll be AFK  for 1 week/2 week .. maybe more Due To Some Personal Matters..

    I'll Be active on website and Servers Time to Time..

    Hope to see u guys soon! 



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    2. KashanRaider


      may u handle all ur affairs completely and in a good way while u r  afk 

      still hope to cya in DR  ;)


    3. >SpD<Pato


      I will miss kill u xD take care bro <333

    4. Vicky


      I need you to teach DR come back soon @LyNx

  6. LyNx

    Death RUN

    I have some doubts abt Death run! What is an Insertion How to spray How to change map from SM!! @DucK @Kevin Some one Help me out!
  7. LyNx

    forum The problems of the past week

    Aww U r the Best Guy! <3 I respect ur Hardwork Bro <3
  8. LyNx

    applications for adman ?

  9. LyNx

    applications for adman ?

    Me!!! :RaiseHand:
  10. LyNx


    Welcome to forums <3 Hope to see u In-Game
  11. LyNx

    call of duty 4 dEATH RUN Fun

    U Thought they were Noobs? WTF? Who would think like that? I saw their Play My First time In Death Run And I was like
  12. LyNx

    When your ping is too high

    We Can see Teleporters in COD4
  13. UCL Time :d :prettycat:

    Im with Real :cute:

    1. KashanRaider


      UCL  ???????   :haha:

  14. LyNx

    Hi guys

    @WinterWolf Hey Wassup!!
  15. LyNx


  16. LyNx

    thug laaaife... >.<

    U r kidding right!
  17. LyNx


    Hahaha! Oii! Anyone wants to challenge me? xd
  18. LyNx

    New Rule ?

    Whats that? Enlighten me Anyone!
  19. LyNx


    @>SpD<Pato Heh? Come on! I challenge u again
  20. LyNx


    @KashanRaider Ofc..Thats why I Chose Malf <3 and Promode!
  21. LyNx


    Come to Promod Im Teaming up with @I'mMalfri (So I win)
  22. LyNx


    Try Me First..the @>SpD<Pato and @[eYe]WoLfY
  23. LyNx


    @[eYe]WoLfY I mean Im fan of His Rusher-Sniper Tactics... And BTW They are Amazing
  24. LyNx


    @I'mMalfri I think u dont know Malfris Rusher-Sniper Tactics <3 NB: Im a Big fan of Malfri <3
  25. LyNx

    Good bye ;(