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  1. Data Usage!

    I was wondering how much data would it take to play like 1 hour! as my ISP provided net is as slow as 200 kb/s but my mobile data s Speed is 1 mb/s But There s a 1gb limit for one day! So If anyone can tell me how much it takes?
  2. @KING LION I dont even know what a Care Package is!! All I know is a Crater Falls from the sky ..and I should go near it and Press Enter!
  3. @KING LION I had got Care package at the first time I played in Crossfire Night! I was in a Building And Tried to call care package..But It says Health care package is not available with the current position. Later It came to me that CarePackage Is something like Crater drop from Heli! So i went out in the Open and tried again! and it worked! I hope I am Right!
  4. Arduino

    Whats Arduino?
  5. join dw clan

    It should be posted at "JOIN OUR CLAN" AND Here are the guidelines in order to make an application.
  6. Intoduction : KING LION

    Welcome to Forums King Lion! Meoow! <3
  7. call of duty 4 A nuke? :)

    @[eYe]WoLfY He got it already!
  8. haircuts

    @KashanRaider Wow! Its the same haircut @WinterWolf Has!! Great job man!!
  9. im back

    @ROnNiE I really missed Teasing her!
  10. im back

    Come on!
  11. im back

    Anyway Happy to see u back! Come to S&D with the Awesome tag!! (DW)
  12. im back

    I thought u were dead!! =_=

    Wow! I like that!

    @Uzbek Thats Uzbek!!