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  1. LyNx

    call of duty 4 -=DW=- DeathRun Event

    Oke im in :D
  2. LyNx

    call of duty 4 New host new IP

    In the Check Server with the new ip my ping 2x My Old ping
  3. LyNx


    Hey Bro! I played with u at CFN :D My In-Game Name Is -=DW=-Lynx or most probably DW|Lynx C ya <3
  4. LyNx

    New tattoo <3

    Wahh ..Nyz And It seems that the Tree one hurt badly
  5. LyNx


    Welcome to the forums Bro!! Enjoy ur stay! <3 If u need any help dont hesitate to call me! By the way .. My In-Game Name is "-=DW=-LyNx" / DW|I'mLyNx
  6. Waaaaah!!!! Nice WOrk Don!!!!!!
  7. Hey Bro!

    Im back! :d 

    Looks like i got a lot of things to catch up! :rollingeyes: 

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    2. FNATIC


      Wb lynx.. :d 

    3. KashanRaider


      so @LyNx ya mind tellng where were u all this time ???  really  the foums had no topic  xD 

    4. LyNx


      @GOODNIGHT Thats in my language! :d 

      @FNATIC Thanks brooo :* 

      @KashanRaider I had posted an afk poost!! :zZz: ..No Topic!!!? -_- 

  8. LyNx


    Welcome to DW! C Ya In Game!)
  9. LyNx


    Welcome to our Servers Bro!) Cheers!
  10. LyNx

    Who is the FRENCH BAGUETTE

    Welcome Bro
  11. LyNx

    call of duty 4 New Server FootBall 2018

    OMG! kevin! A million Thanks to u!! A million Respect to u!! love u man!
  12. Hello Guys,

    I guess  I'll be AFK  for 1 week/2 week .. maybe more Due To Some Personal Matters..

    I'll Be active on website and Servers Time to Time..

    Hope to see u guys soon! 



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    2. KashanRaider


      may u handle all ur affairs completely and in a good way while u r  afk 

      still hope to cya in DR  ;)


    3. >SpD<Pato


      I will miss kill u xD take care bro <333

    4. Vicky


      I need you to teach DR come back soon @LyNx

  13. LyNx

    Death RUN

    I have some doubts abt Death run! What is an Insertion How to spray How to change map from SM!! @DucK @Kevin Some one Help me out!
  14. LyNx

    forum The problems of the past week

    Aww U r the Best Guy! <3 I respect ur Hardwork Bro <3
  15. LyNx

    applications for adman ?