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  1. XxFATALxX Original

    Be The First To Fight - Preparing For Early Access

    Does it have Campaing mode??
  2. XxFATALxX Original

    call of duty 4 Search & Destroy

    Admins we need the ·KILLCAMS· back With ·KILLCAMS· we can report hackers and teams need to see how the round finishes Because ass me I'm very courios to see how we won the match if I didn't DIE
  3. XxFATALxX Original

    call of duty 4 Maps

    Admins what if we include map Downpour in Search & Destroy, it will be a great map And what if I find the maps of the CoD 4 (dlc) ·Broadcast-Chinatown-Creek-killhouse· They are very nice maps Thank you
  4. XxFATALxX Original

    dw Abuse Admin

  5. XxFATALxX Original

    dw Abuse Admin

    Eres tu el que me echo del servidor verdad?
  6. XxFATALxX Original

    dw Abuse Admin

    Menudo cabron estas hecho
  7. XxFATALxX Original

    dw Abuse Admin

    thank u bro soo much for support
  8. XxFATALxX Original

    dw Abuse Admin

    Guys i was playing Search & Destroy (map bloc), then DW PEEW kick me without reason and having 0 warnings only for beeing in respawn killing and not camping please fix the power of that idi*** that they are f***** up the server They are kick all for doing nothing mad
  9. XxFATALxX Original

    DW servers

  10. XxFATALxX Original


    Can I wear the DW tags pls????
  11. XxFATALxX Original


    Yeah but having groups of facebook will make grow up our reputation
  12. XxFATALxX Original


    Guys we can make an Facebook group and Twitter for finding people new or just to be in all places I think is a good idea..
  13. XxFATALxX Original

    This Or That

    Black Ops 2 (Urss or USA)
  14. XxFATALxX Original

    Our future

    soo it is not free?? Where i can downland this???