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  1. MetaBee


    Hello and welcome to forums Santa Murete
  2. MetaBee


    Welcome enjoy your time on DW
  3. MetaBee

    Hiromi Chan wallhack

    Its a little hard to make out whats happening, as the quality is low.. however i noticed the player had roccat, witch could be seen clearly towards the end when the player was using Ak.. Thanks for report Banned for Roccat.

  5. MetaBee

    SnD No More ?

    Rather say you prefer, than to say its better.
  6. MetaBee

    SnD No More ?

    It's very sad too see SnD server empty these days, although at times their are players, it seems as though SnD has died even on a Sunday evening there was no players in SnD. Only players in Promod, I for one prefer SnD over Promod, even though Promod is SnD - it's really not the same thing. Who else is sad to see SnD server Empty ?
  7. Not nice for this to happen to players, hope no one else joins there so called server
  8. MetaBee


    hahaha @Katarina I prefer music like this, because i'm weird
  9. MetaBee

    need help

    Lol that name A_*****
  10. MetaBee

    call of duty 4 2 servers s&d

    haha yeah man, apparently one is temporary
  11. MetaBee

    call of duty 4 2 servers s&d

    Hello @I'm Slow at the moment our administrator "Kevin" is some what AFK at the moment. When he is back the servers will have b3 again, servers will be fixed too.
  12. MetaBee

    Music Arena

    I like big butts
  13. MetaBee

    The Extermination - A Film by DoN

    Lol with out a doubt $50 aimbot
  14. MetaBee

    call of duty 4 Request For Cod4X For SnD

    You getting technical, i now know we have cod4x already as you stated in the fourth post. When i say we should use it " I mean use it a bit more to its potential. I already said to make it a bit more like promod. Wether its a mod or not does not matter, btw i said mod cause when you search it.. some ppl call it a mod. None the less thank you for correcting me, now i know its a better version of cod4. Personally a hybrid server of a SnD and A Promod Server would be great. Yes i know we have got Cod4X already, witch is really great... so now that i know this, then all i'm requesting is for it to be used to create a server, where running is smoother an faster, jumping is just a little higher.. and to feel as though your in a promod, without actually being in a promod server. I mean, Look at the cons and Pros Of Promod. "Just my personal preference" *Promod* Pros Runs Smooth Players Run Faster Players Jump Higher Snipes Are Better In general promod is nice. Im not going to get to technical here. Cons Crosshair enabled More softcore Not able to choose pre created classes Not able to choose custom perks What i have in mind is to have a normal SnD, turn into a combo hybrid. Normal meaning the ones we currently have " with the cod4x not talking about server out of the box normal. Kevin did a great job with the Cod4x already" just i believe if we have a server with the pros of Promod, then it will be better. Create a Hybrid server. I get that allot of players would see those cons as pros, an vise a versa. Maybe you probably one of those exe. However i believe that a Hybrid server will be awesome. As i have stated before, its worth a try.. maybe players will find a Hybrid server better than both promod and normal SnD. Again i know we have cod4x, what i'm saying is that it could be used to make the hybrid server. As currently its utilized only to a certain degree, and falls short of the Hybrid Server i'm talking about. Also i get that cod4 is dying, and the players are getting less and less. An i would like to see it die as slowly as possible. So whatever it takes to keep the game going, im down for. Already we have lost allot of servers, witch is sad.. so in my opinion loosing more servers will only loose even more players, as you know allot of players are playing in MN, witch currently have allot of servers. I personally dont like MN servers, i find there SnD to be silly with the gimics lol... sooo yeah, i want to see DW do better. Aswell as see the first true proper hybrid server in Cod4 still, before it dies.. and nothing is left. I appreciate your input @eXe just know that i truely believe and stand firm with my ideas, even if they do not work or don't get implemented. If they do work, then great.. and long live cod4 and DW :D