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  1. call of duty 4 VPN & Proxy Blocked

    @Kevin Good Work - So when i am lvl 100 no one can ban evade from me
  2. Hello

    Nice, come back and get a killer PC not that you will need it against all the noobs
  3. New Head admins Level 80

    @Segria Congratz - im sure you will do great as you have been *doing*
  4. Fortnite :0

    @IAV4K Im Representing SA bro - even with our high latency lol Show the world what it is to be a south african Ive only been doing youtube for like 2 months, started streaming today an been playing fortnite for a month +- not sure But i have been preparing for half a year now, and still pushing to improve
  5. VICKY

    @Vicky your posting this in the wrong forums. I agree with Scopecobra - i think you should get a warning. Please read our DW forums sections correctly! Post in the Corresponding forums related to your posts! Thank you
  6. Music Arena

  7. Introduction - Trauma

    Well come to the forums - please take note : there ar alot of noobs here @IAV4K @DoN @eXe @Ninja @andreadb98 muahahhah
  8. Fortnite :0

    Now i know your real name (ani) i will report you to the rebel allaiance! for democracy, muahhahaha For subbing me - i will ban you too so either way you get ban Joke bro, and yes i know you know hehe I just gave you a sub aswell hero, with my other account, just before posting this, looks like it is 2 for 1 though :0
  9. Fortnite :0

    Thanks every sub is welcome, and appreatited.
  10. Fortnite :0

    So i take that as you deffinantly wont give me a sub @Malfri Thanks anyways for watching the video @Malfri even though you are not epic either hehehh Anyways Thanks Heroic for Sub - he subbed me under the alias of dark shadow. For that you wont get ban Its great - infact their is more players playing fortnite , than any other game in the world at the moment apparently
  11. Fortnite :0

    Please help me to reach 100 Subscribers, or i ban all off you in cod4 Thank you to all who have subscribed so far, such as Dark shadow - who was my last subscriber .. wich i do not know the alias of here in DW Hope everyone enjoys the video
  12. Hellu

    Welcome, and thanks for the introduction.. good to see a returning DW member