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    check out mah bloody assisstance ! xD

    someone has 39 hahaha
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    Welcome to the forums bruva
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    Fortnite Group

    Hello, looking for decent fortnite group with minimum 2KD and has good call outs and can build quite quickly, just need a good few people to play around with, I have 200+ wins , 10,000+ Kills , Just need decent people , PM if you're willing to join.
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    Welcome back
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    Confest of me lying.

    Hello, fellow brothers and ladies of DW, I lied about my application back in dw, I had an old account called RedBush when I lied about being 18 :/ Yes I admit it, I'm sorry about it , I decided to make a new account and try it for real, I'm so sorry everyone, I've played these servers since I was 10, I'm now 16 , I'm a true old timer, I use to be here when the old Red admin was about, Kevins good friend , well was, I've been on these servers for so long , since dw was a thing for deathrun all the time. I'm so sorry to everyone, I admit it all, I don't deserve admin I'm sorry
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    Confest of me lying.

    Thanks everyone but the thing is, I was an admin at the age of 12, which I lied on an application, been playing since I was 8 haha
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    2 for 1 bullet

  8. DuckRaidZ

    Confest of me lying.

    Thanks bro <3
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    Confest of me lying.

    Thanks bro <3
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    Confest of me lying.

    Hope everyone can forgive me I don't deserve admin at all, I would of been 60 but you know I stopped lying and that and grew a pair.
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    Confest of me lying.

    Thank you Piko means a lot , if I still lied I would of earned a level 60 admin with fake and liability
  12. DuckRaidZ

    Confest of me lying.

    Malfi no point arguing with a server admin
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    Confest of me lying.

    I'm RedBush from dw everyone loved, me I made lots of reports and Was so close to admin level 60 , which I do deserve, but I shouldn't be saying that, sorry about everything sorry Kevin, Sorry DucK to me you both are like family to me , like I love you with all my heart no homo <3
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    Confest of me lying.

    Thanks goodnight <3
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    My self

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    How to use colors for your In-Game Nickname

    Thanks for the tutorial , but I know how to but it'll help others
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    learn from me

    Well said bro <3
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    I want to join this Clan

    Good Luck
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    Im Back

    Welcome back bro :)
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    Which Admin? Do you recall the name? and do u have proof that you wasn't glitching etc?
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    call of duty 4 New Head admins Level 80

    Congratz where's my level 60 haha
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    Welcome to the forums buddy