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  1. Boy or Girl?

    I'm a lad
  2. This Or That

    Marines Army or Special Forces
  3. This Or That

    BF1 Black ops 2 or Black ops 3
  4. Remove last stand from S&D

    Agreed 100% +1
  5. College soon :P

    They've accepted me for a trial next week starting Tuesday woop woop :D
  6. This Or That

    GTA 5 CS:GO or H1Z1 KOTK
  7. The Singing Clan Game

    Obv lmao
  8. This Or That

    Rave music and hip hop Rap or dubstep :p
  9. The Singing Clan Game

    Noice makes me feel like I'm on spice but that means I just want a glass of ice to dice.
  10. This Or That

    Summer Raw sauce or Ketchup :p
  11. College soon :P

    Thanks to everyone!!! :D I'm learning how to develop game creating , programming the internet, and able to professionally hack :) I could be good use to the clan later in the year ;) ;)
  12. This Or That

    Coke Pepsi or Dr Pepper :p
  13. This Or That

    Snakes Shark or Whale
  14. This Or That

    Girls Cats or Dogs
  15. College soon :P

    Thanks lads <3