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    Welcome :D
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    Heli is disabled, thats why it flies away
  3. eXe

    call of duty 4 Dredd6 ban

    Sorry for the trouble try and reconnect now, if same problem come here, and I will answer as fast as I can
  4. eXe

    call of duty 4 i am ban plz help

    Just reconnect And stop spamming ban appeals, last warning
  5. Hello everybody I just wanted to say a few word. I love this community and every player that are in here so I decided to make a giveaway. The giveaway will last for 7 day (So everybody has a chance to join it), and it will be 3 random winners (bot will do it for me) In order to join this giveaway, you have to react (like) the giveaway in discord. In order to join https://discord.gg/j93vFV click on this link and find the #giveaway_hype channel. You will see the giveaway and all you have to do is to react to that post that is there When 7 days are done the giveawaybot will auto pick 3 random winners from everybody who has reacted (liked) the giveaway. The giveaway will be 3 steam gift cards with 20$ on it. It will be picked 3 random winners with each winning 1 20$ card This also means that the winner needs to have a steam account. https://store.steampowered.com/ If the winner doesnt have a steam account, or doesnt answer in 2 days time with his steam profile, we will draw a new giveaway for the gift card. If you got any questions, please ask here or in the #giveaway_support channel Cheers eXe
  6. eXe

    call of duty 4 !!--- GIVEAWAY ---!!

    Congrats to the winners. Since I feel bad cause raider didnt redeem his temporarily profile until now so he did not show up on winner list first, I will give him an 20$ gift card for the trouble Winners @Space @kostantinossterg41 @PulsarHeat ----> @raider(for the trouble) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- For everybody else, I will give away 2 more 20$ gift card and a 10$ cause I feel bad for those who lost, this means 3 MORE winners! These winners have 1 day to contact me here on discord (DM me ur steam profile) The last winner will get the 10$ giftcard Second winners: @DaRealGhost @Rebel @ninja.
  7. eXe

    call of duty 4 i am ben help me

    Cracked key Change key and you can play again Google it. I know you will ask for it, will not be surprised, but try and google it
  8. eXe

    call of duty 4 !!--- GIVEAWAY ---!!

    WINNERS ARE!!! So please DM with the Steam account: @Space @kostantinossterg41 @PulsarHeat If you don't DM in 2 days from now, I will have to reroll new winners! DM on Discord (Private message on discord), if you dont DM in 2 day I will reroll!
  9. eXe

    call of duty 4 unban please why ban me

    You have to answer those questions In-Game name when banned: Your GUID (e.g. f26ee699): Server: Ban Length/Time Remaining: Why should you be unbanned: Dont make a new topic, just write it in this as a comment
  10. Ohh, I didnt know I got that knife on @GOODNIGHT recorded, looks like I did after all :D
  11. eXe

    call of duty 4 apelación de prohibición

    Just change key and you can play again
  12. I banned AGENT 48 so not you Just change you cd-key
  13. eXe

    call of duty 4 addition of maps

    You should the cod4 version changers, cause if you upgrade like that you can't play on our servers anymore. Which means you prob need to reinstall the game to get back to 1.0 level Or you can just copy the cod4 folder and create another folder and rename 1 folder with 1.7 cod4 cod4 1.7 Then you can upgrade the cod4 1.7 folder Which means if you want to play 1.0 you go to cod4 folder if you want to play 1.7 you go cod4 1.7 folder
  14. eXe

    call of duty 4 !!--- GIVEAWAY ---!!

    @KashanRaider You just need a steam account (gaming platform) no need for a bank account. There is a link on the description. All you have to do is to click emoji next the nr 12 in discord server in the #giveaway_hype. Right Now it says 12 But the number will increase, just click on it
  15. eXe

    game lost

    I dont understand the problem?
  16. eXe

    DW Mascot!

  17. eXe

    call of duty 4 i got banned

    Restart moden, and reconnect
  18. eXe

    call of duty 4 le Appels

    I realllly didnt think you were cheating until this day tho You can see how he fakes when he got p90 How he preaims at people when he is sniping (DoN was also playing so he can confirm :D)
  19. eXe

    call of duty 4 Ban Appeal

    Cracked key used by ALOT of people and got banned Change key and please use another name
  20. eXe

    call of duty 4 Ban appeal

    Read the comments....
  21. eXe

    call of duty 4 RavenOfMetin Baned

    I banned Optic_RO And according to this Raven is Optic?
  22. eXe

    call of duty 4 Ban appeal

    You spammed, I gave u ur second warning you spammed again and I tempbanned you Stop spamming Denied
  23. Fill in these fields, not saying it any more times...