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  1. eXe

    call of duty 4 omtronix55CZ

    Your friend? Sorry, I dont belive in that Even tho, he used ur account and got banned, you should have known better You stay banned
  2. eXe

    call of duty 4 Appe

    @pascal You got evidence he was using fast fire?
  3. eXe

    call of duty 4 omtronix55CZ

    Are you EzorCZ? Then you are banned for wallhack
  4. eXe

    I want to join this Clan

    Locked You need to go here http://dwarea.com/forum/27-join-our-clan/ And read the information post
  5. eXe

    need help ?

    Click on FORGOT PASSWORD which is under there Then enter you gmail and press enter, now they will send you a link on the gmail account which you need to open to change your password
  6. eXe

    need help ?

    Not PM on forum Click on forget Password, and enter email that u registered with Then log in on that email on and check your emails
  7. eXe

    need help ?

    Just click that you forgot password when you log in, and you will get PM on your email
  8. eXe

    anas godmode

    Reconnect doesnt work if they are in "prison" almost same kind of glitch tho
  9. eXe

    HUN ' TR* ban report

    http://dwarea.com/clientdetails.php?id=24596 Banned Permbanned for now, lots of bans from earlier
  10. eXe

    descent Wh

    I dont see any hack, I can hear them
  11. eXe

    anas godmode

    As we said, this is a glitch and just need a kick so he reconnects, if he is a good boy he will reconnect by himself and the godmode is off.
  12. eXe

    call of duty 4 Please unban me

    Stop spamming ban appeals And read these and reply HERE
  13. eXe

    call of duty 4 TempBanned

    Tempban for 1 day
  14. If this is on HC TDM server you got to check if b3 is online, if its not no one can use FPS FOV until that is fixed. You also need to try an click on GET FPS FOV on the right hand side on front page