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  1. Heroic

    never do this again u kid!!!

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    2. Heroic


      man yesterday i saw ur true face... didn't expected this from both of u... and i edited those words.. cux there are kids like u here.....

      and don't pull my admin ship between this 

      understood or not

      so  bitch... please i say again first learn manners.... they way u treated me man.... even a stranger doesn't get treated like that way... and i'm here from long time!

      man i wish i could've recorded u kid talking... the way u said .. hush hush leave hush... u seemed like a street dog..

    3. IAV4K


      You kiss your Mom with that Mouth @Heroic ?

      Wash your mouth out  with soap and stop being a cri bebe 

      You are a freakin' 12 year old boy  yet you want to play with the big boys 

       Shut up and Stop Crying !!!



    4. eXe


      Sorry man

      I am not talking to someone who changes the whole story here

      First of all, me and don was NOT in the Music Channel, it was only us in the Beer and Chill channel. I wanted to show Don how to summon the music bot cause he only thought he could only use it in the Music Channel. So I did, took on 1 song for 30 sec and then you joined, added a music and I DC the music bot from the Beer and Chill channel cause we were gonna talk, we were not in the music channel.

      Then you started calling us kids, and we just said that its funny that you call us kids when you were the one with muted microphone and didnt want to talk to us cause it was 3am (lol irony here).
      We laughed at you cause you couldnt obv see the irony, writing to us that we are kids but doesnt say it to us(we were in a voice channel), and then we are asking you to unmute and talk to us, but then you say no cause its 3am, which is even more irony, you parent was sleeping buhu. Then we told both you and goodnight to leave if you were just gonna be muted in a voice channel and not talk at all. Then you kept calling us kids. Then Don was meant to kick you guys out of the voice channel cause you guys were obv not there to talk with us and not leaving when we told you to either. But he instead kicked you out of the server which was just a rookie mistake, as he thought it would just kick you from the channel. Goodnight came back, but he joined us ingame so it was cool.

      But then you come here on my profile, raging and lying about what happened, and then you edit your post to try and look like the good guy. All about you heroic is just funny. We were not in the music channel, thats why I DC the music bot out of there. Just go to the Music channel if you wanted to listen to the music, all you had to do was to join the music channel and write !play (song), not do it in our channel, I just kicked the music bot out of our channel cause we were actually talking didnt disable it from the whole server.

      " then u and don say to me : hush leave hush bitch leave hush hush ..... infront of ppl present in the channel listening u....and lasting u kicked me from the DW discord"

      Me, goodnight, don and you were in the channel, ask goodnight if it was me or you who raged and insulting. We were just laughing cause of the way you acted. Didnt say anything insulting, we told you to either unmute and join us or leave the voice channel, then you kept calling us childish and we laughed at you and said it was obv you that were childish here. We asked you to leave which you didnt. And still kept on calling us kids, then started on forum.

      Your lies are going apart, just quit while you can

      You obv gotta grow up and show manners and respect since its obv you who doesnt have it.

      I leave it like this as I dont want to argue to a kid who obv cant do anything else then lie.


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