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  1. no recoil

    I see recoil, even tho the video was laggy and he was hipfire like 2/3 of the video But if you see at 0.39 when he shoots at the 2. floor you can see it @DoN @IAV4K
  2. Fortnite

    You need a 64bit OS, 32bit for the game doesnt work if thats what he meant
  3. You most likely took the first key code you found on the internet as 100+ others do, so there are 100+ players using that on our servers, which mean if they get a temp ban on that key, you will get a temp ban on that key, and that is what has likely happend But if you follow these In-Game name when banned: Your GUID (e.g. f26ee699): Server: Ban Length/Time Remaining: Why should you be unbanned: and read this to find your guid if will help us alot in helping you through this problem
  4. Abuser

  5. ban evade i guess

    http://dwarea.com/clientdetails.php?id=316 Alias number 5
  6. admin

    Graysnovv and KASH are yousing smae cracked key thats why Rookie admin needs to be removed and Graysnovv needs to get a new key..
  7. Error server ZOMBIE

    I am not sure, but that maybe means that the version changer failed to change the version Version changer change some files to make it work for other version, and it doesn't look that it changed it all correct, I can try and upload that file, which should be in your \zone\english <--- (english or french, its about what language you have the game in) You can also try and quit the game, and use the version changer again, and maybe as an Administrator. ^ I will do this first if not you can move the old code_post file to somewhere else, DON'T delete it, you maybe have to change it back if this doesnt work. And add this there instead https://ufile.io/m56mj
  8. Error server ZOMBIE

    https://ufile.io/ju9od Download this, you need WinRar or something to extract it you will find it on google Then add it in the Mods folder Should look like this then Call of Duty 4 -> Mods -> zom_dw -> (some IWD files) This is not how it should look (sometimes it will be two folders like) Call of Duty 4 -> Mods -> zom_dw -> zom_dw -> (some IWD files) (sometimes it will be two folders)
  9. Error server ZOMBIE

    Send me a screenshot of the Mod folder please And, have you allowed downloading in the ingame oprions?
  10. Error server ZOMBIE

    Go to the Mod folder and delete zom_dw folder Then try and re-enter the server
  11. Boredom

    I vote for IAV4k's idea I normally watch the videos he sends to me in priv
  12. Let's Admit It .

    @.=DW=.Wolfy Be careful, if he loose he will toggle on his wh @Malfri Nope, they had nothing on me, they banned me cause 3 of the HA voted for it, they had no evidence, but since everybody was raging at me they banned me, pity pity
  13. Let's Admit It .

    Wanna go cry in a corner? He hacked and got caught, pity on him, now trying to make himself up with saying 1vs1 sad