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  1. Yeah, always sniper in the stairs, so that just a random shot, same if he tries to wallbang that wall between the two buildings, no wh here
  2. eXe

    applications for adman ?

    No, you are joining a community with lots of fun. You report hackers and make other follow the rules. Then after you have some req ments you can apply for rookie admin. Do you want everybody who join to be instantly admins? How many people do you think wpuld have been innocent banned. We have to check what they have done for the community and if they are following the rules. So saying that makes no sense for me
  3. You are saying it like we dont have cod4x, but I am just saying that we do. We are running cod4x on SND servers, or any other server we are running. Its just about how we set it up. As cod4x isnt a mod, like you are saying here. cod4x is a "newer version of cod4" And we actually got 1 snd and 1 podmod servers, and that would be enough servers. (3rd one is just a temp server) We are alraedy running alot of servers and running another snd server is not a good idea. As then the poeple on maybe SND or Promod will play there and make those servers more empty. I listen to all feedback, but we have already talked about adding another server, (sniper only etc) but since its getting lower and lower people there is no means in adding a servers which will either empty the ones we have or will saty empty most of the time. Which means we need to remove either one server we already have.
  4. As I just said, we are already running cod4x on all of our servers so we can do this already, its just that we dont have the settings setup like that server you are talking about, and since we got promod I dont feel like its needed, since they are so close.
  5. We use cod4x already tho, just not these kinds of settings, and we already have a promod server soo :D
  6. eXe

    Please remove super mod powers

    The ban is a bug, no one is banning you, the reason its empty sometime is cause it doesnt show in the master list all the time, and we cant do anything about it then try and restart our servers, which we do. This means people need to join it by either having it added in fav list or by joining it by IP
  7. eXe


    Welcome :D
  8. eXe


    Heli is disabled, thats why it flies away
  9. ZAYN

    im facing the same problem again. i got banned again for no reason at a sudden. its the same case like before can u please help me out cuz last time it was you who helped me.

    B3ID: 87386


  10. eXe

    call of duty 4 !!--- GIVEAWAY ---!!

    Congrats to the winners. Since I feel bad cause raider didnt redeem his temporarily profile until now so he did not show up on winner list first, I will give him an 20$ gift card for the trouble Winners @Space @kostantinossterg41 @PulsarHeat ----> @raider(for the trouble) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- For everybody else, I will give away 2 more 20$ gift card and a 10$ cause I feel bad for those who lost, this means 3 MORE winners! These winners have 1 day to contact me here on discord (DM me ur steam profile) The last winner will get the 10$ giftcard Second winners: @DaRealGhost @Rebel @ninja.
  11. eXe

    call of duty 4 !!--- GIVEAWAY ---!!

    WINNERS ARE!!! So please DM with the Steam account: @Space @kostantinossterg41 @PulsarHeat If you don't DM in 2 days from now, I will have to reroll new winners! DM on Discord (Private message on discord), if you dont DM in 2 day I will reroll!
  12. Ohh, I didnt know I got that knife on @GOODNIGHT recorded, looks like I did after all :D
  13. eXe

    call of duty 4 addition of maps

    You should the cod4 version changers, cause if you upgrade like that you can't play on our servers anymore. Which means you prob need to reinstall the game to get back to 1.0 level Or you can just copy the cod4 folder and create another folder and rename 1 folder with 1.7 cod4 cod4 1.7 Then you can upgrade the cod4 1.7 folder Which means if you want to play 1.0 you go to cod4 folder if you want to play 1.7 you go cod4 1.7 folder
  14. eXe

    call of duty 4 !!--- GIVEAWAY ---!!

    @KashanRaider You just need a steam account (gaming platform) no need for a bank account. There is a link on the description. All you have to do is to click emoji next the nr 12 in discord server in the #giveaway_hype. Right Now it says 12 But the number will increase, just click on it