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  1. call of duty 4 Please unban me

    Stop spamming ban appeals And read these and reply HERE
  2. call of duty 4 TempBanned

    Tempban for 1 day
  3. If this is on HC TDM server you got to check if b3 is online, if its not no one can use FPS FOV until that is fixed. You also need to try an click on GET FPS FOV on the right hand side on front page
  4. call of duty 4 the reason why I'm banned ???

    Read this and reply here
  5. Join in our team! Why 15 posts?

    Cause you need to be a bit active on forum too
  6. Introduction

    Welcome bluetiger
  7. I would like killcam back on the SND server, if you get killed on last killcam just move somewhere else.
  8. Question re: All Maps - Ammo

    Yeah no matter which map anyway, lots of people using P90 so it will be lying everywhere on the ground and you dont need to pick up another gun, just walk over a gun, in this example a p90, the gun on ground will disapear when you walk on it and you will Get more ammo, but you wont see him picking up anything
  9. Introduction

    Welcome to the servers, and to the forums, hope you enjoy the stay! Feel free to PM if you got any questions!
  10. Question re: All Maps - Ammo

    You can replenish your ammo without picking up another gun. As long as the gun on the ground and the gun you are using is the same it will replenish the ammo. So on a little map as shipment and lots of p90 probably he can just run around the map and randomly run on those p90s and get more ammo
  11. okay thanks admin

  12. All Maps

    Ping has nothing to do with how fast the bullets travel. Ping can make the game more smooth to play no lag, which gives you an advantage. Its all about how the server get the info sent from your PC Lets say you got 200 ping, it means it takes 0.1 sec for the information to be sent, but for one with 40 ping it only takes 0.02s Which means if starts shooting it takes the server 0.1sec to acctually register the shots casue the info needs to be sent from ur PC to the servers. So if you guys starts shooting at the same time, the low pinger will win, cause his shots will register on the server first. Same applies to running around corners etc. This guy will try and explain it, try and read and understand it, its good explained https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/1fpgoa/do_players_with_higher_ping_have_an_advantage/cacrfkh/
  13. Deathrun Server?

    Hi, yes you are probably missing it
  14. Who is the FRENCH BAGUETTE

    Bienvenue ici @DucK est un perdant