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  1. a table according to one's stats

    but I would like to see where I am, tell me a more complete top. :) :D
  2. It would be good if they made a table of all the players to see where they stand with their stats, for example: There are many players who want to see what position they are in to get to the top. :)
  3. member

    but I understand you friend I think that to be a novice administrator it takes 16 years
  4. member

    So are the rules :( But I am 16 years old xD
  5. In searching and destroying there is a problem that when a person is in prison he can not leave and he can not be killed. For example, 1vs3 remains and 1 is the one who is in prison can not be killed, that is a waste of time. :huh:
  6. Commands available in Sniper Only server

    It is true that people who have a slow internet are complicated and the server sniper only play enough people would notice a big change ​I would like you to include the command! fps
  7. I can not change the profile picture

    I can not with any image only the cover but the profile does not
  8. I can not change the profile picture

    this conversation has more messages than my application xD
  9. I can not change the profile picture

    tengo 22 publicaciones y no puedo xD
  10. new map

    I still get the nuketown map
  11. because I can not change my profile picture, I think it is heavy, and that the maximum weight to put is 0kb
  12. Map Voting System

    si, que los jugadores por medio de votación elijan el mapa que quieran según las votaciones.
  13. Prison

    if it's true some who are new appear in jail they have to fix that
  14. add new map

    a map of zombies would be good to play, but to be downloaded
  15. This Or That