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  1. Sniper<3

    a table according to one's stats

    but I would like to see where I am, tell me a more complete top. :) :D
  2. It would be good if they made a table of all the players to see where they stand with their stats, for example: There are many players who want to see what position they are in to get to the top. :)
  3. Sniper<3


    but I understand you friend I think that to be a novice administrator it takes 16 years
  4. Sniper<3


    So are the rules :( But I am 16 years old xD
  5. In searching and destroying there is a problem that when a person is in prison he can not leave and he can not be killed. For example, 1vs3 remains and 1 is the one who is in prison can not be killed, that is a waste of time. :huh:
  6. Sniper<3

    Commands available in Sniper Only server

    It is true that people who have a slow internet are complicated and the server sniper only play enough people would notice a big change ​I would like you to include the command! fps
  7. Sniper<3

    I can not change the profile picture

    I can not with any image only the cover but the profile does not
  8. Sniper<3

    I can not change the profile picture

    this conversation has more messages than my application xD
  9. Sniper<3

    I can not change the profile picture

    tengo 22 publicaciones y no puedo xD
  10. Sniper<3

    new map

    I still get the nuketown map
  11. because I can not change my profile picture, I think it is heavy, and that the maximum weight to put is 0kb
  12. Sniper<3

    Map Voting System

    si, que los jugadores por medio de votación elijan el mapa que quieran según las votaciones.
  13. Sniper<3


    if it's true some who are new appear in jail they have to fix that
  14. Sniper<3

    add new map

    a map of zombies would be good to play, but to be downloaded
  15. Sniper<3

    This Or That