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  1. LaMuerteHD

    Server of DW????

    I wanted to ask and know why the DW servers are not???? Is it something from DW or is it because of a hack attack like what I did before???
  2. LaMuerteHD

    call of duty 4 New Server Death Run in 1.0

  3. LaMuerteHD

    Sniper Only PLZ

    Because a sniper only got it out of the cod 4 servers???? I am doubtful because it was the server where I played the most and they took it away, if they put it on it would be good, but unfortunately it is not. WHY???????????? WHY?????? WHY????
  4. LaMuerteHD

    Thanks for everything Marciano

    Thanks in what you have helped me Marciano, since I started in DW you were not a Admin and now you are, that's very good, because we have another admin that plays every day and helps us in the consultations we have. THANKS YOU.. Marciano
  5. LaMuerteHD


    Hello how life goes?? Well then I am strill being on the DW servers, because thanks to the I am entertained
  6. Because all the DW servers in COD MW4 do not appear, I was playing recently and I miss Why??? PLZ HELP!!!!!!