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  1. call of duty 4 Wolfy Demoted.

    Omg what a shame! if you admit your guilt, then it's good. I hope in the forefront you will be smarter btw, from this moment u should remove the tag from ur nick, do not make admins ask you.
  2. Hello guys! Reviewing mail stumbled upon it. Nostalgia and that feeling as if it were yesterday
  3. Hi everyone! I found a small issue with using emoticons in replies in profile. While replying to recent status in someones profile, emoticons appear in the background as to the Report link. It is interferes with the choice of emoticon. This is not a serious problem, but it would be better for everyone if it was solved. P.S. Despite the fact that the problem on the site, I had to choose a prefix, as it is required here
  4. call of duty 4 Emoticons

    Another useless post to increase the count of ur posts
  5. lag

    stop downloading porn)
  6. forum The problems of the past week

    Not mistaken is he, who does not work. Even do not worry so, everything is fine. Good work, keep it up @Kevin!
  7. Hello my Friends! Recently I was permanently banned on the HCB Crossfire 24/7 server. It happened in 06.02.2018 22:05 (Tashkent time). At first, I could not understand the reason, and made a ban appeal on their website. But for 2 days none of the admins answered my post, and I decided to ask the main admin Ice. During the correspondence, the reason for my ban was clarified and, to put it mildly, I was surprised. I created this topic solely in order to get to know your opinion guys.
  8. cod4 Server Rules

    Nice, but it would be better if u highlight them: font size, font color etc.
  9. Now they also banned my account at their website hehe they have a DW phobia
  10. I don't know why u need to record everyone and get banned after changing name, idk what do you want to prove by this. But it is all up to you Mate. If u want it u can do it without asking me or others
  11. I think no need bro. Bcz there can play other good guys.
  12. It happens as at work as at home, no differense. Recently this problem was at home with Hardcore.
  13. Hi all! Recently it often happens that after entering the Crossfire Night or Hardcore Crossfire, after a few seconds the connection is interrupted, sometimes 2 or 3 times in a row and the message "Server response timeout" comes out. But sometimes the connection is restored and I play without problems. After that, the server disappears from the list, but after several updates it appears again and everything repeats again. This problem as at work as at home (my internet at home is not bad, so reason is not quality of my internet) 30 minutes ago I was playing in Crossfire Night, then I exit and rejoin but couldn't. I tried about 20-25 times to enter Crossfire Night and all time this problem. I think this is due to checking my key or other data when I log on to the server. Pls help me with this.
  14. Before there wasn't CI, it happened recently, several days ago. It started with 2 small CI in the row, and now it is 2 or 3 big (long) CIs till kick. Sometimes it happens when I try log on Hardcore, but mostly in C_Night. Next time I can take video of this process (if it helps)
  15. Admin Abuse

    Up to me, too frequent typing of !stats command does not create any problems for me personally and I do not consider it spam. But this can prevent other players from playing normally and distracting them. I think it's necessary to agree with Admin and do what he asks (especially if it's Server Admin or higher level Admin, not a Rookie who has less experience), because the admin also knows that in case of his not logical or unreasonable actions he will have to explain it in Admin Abuse section. It was IMHO, thanks.
  16. Conditions to join the clan

    @KOT тут многие не понимают русского, поэтому в следующий раз пожалуйста воспользуйся Google Translater (Гугл переводчик)
  17. Tooltips for flags

    Hi everyone! When reviewing the names of players in the Top stats, I often pay attention to what country, he or she is from. But because of not knowing of all flags, it is difficult to determine the country. Please do so, that when you hover your mouse over the flag, a tooltip with the name of the country pops up.

    72/0 in hardcore

    b3 not working, so I can rush without fear of my stats ruin)) funny screenshot btw
  20. things need to be fixed!

    I've same issue.
  21. RIP COD4 Softcore

    hehehe, you r funny Yes, he is a hacker, just like me
  22. RIP COD4 Softcore

    I would also like that the softcore crossfire server remained working, many loved it including me. It was one of the main. But unfortunately the fate of this server does not depend on me. I was sad to know that it is now closed forever.
  23. Peep se esta abusando del admin

    It would be better if the information in the topics were in English. After all, not everyone knows Spanish.