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  1. New Yamaha? looks awesome! ;)

  2. Do not expect anything in return for a good deed, otherwise it will not be a good deed, but a bargain...

    1. KashanRaider


      hmmm  true indeed good deed should not involve worldly aims :innocent:

  3. forum New donation (eXe)

    Wow! Thank You @eXe!
  4. your hero is gone(resignation)

    Do not get upset about trifles ... Everything will be fine. I wish you good luck and success in your affairs! If there is time, drop in the forums and the game.
  5. xombies in normal servers!

    Our friend and PRO player @888 told @Trauma how to do it in russian, and I translated all into English. It was very funny to see in normal server walking zombies We had a lot of fun with this Special thanks to @888 for having fun.
  6. Hi guys! I invite everyone to show your in game high scores here
  7. cod4 Notice For Admins

    Couldn't get it, probably you were joking
  8. for god sake .

    @I'mMalfri you are already have lvl fpsfov. Unfortunatelly idk what to do in this situation, so I think you need just exit game and try rejoin a bit later.
  9. Camping on S&D

    I didn't spect you in S&D, but in Soft/Hardcore Crossfire I didn't noticed that you were camping. I saw you rushing with sniper, with shotgun and other weapons. Maybe were camping a little, but not hard camp.
  10. Camping on S&D

    @Heroic at 1st page. In this topic I have only 3 posts (this was 3rd)
  11. Camping on S&D

    Read my post carefully
  12. Introduction

    Hello and Welcome to the forums!
  13. Camping on S&D

    I think Сonstantly Hard Camping (Spawn Camping, Passageways) not only at the S&D server, but at other servers too, should be punished with WARN -> KICK -> TEMPBAN for 1h. In my opinion can be allowed following type of Campings: Light Camping with any weapon - Camping with changing several positions (just like PorkyPig does); Sniper - Camping with sniper rifle, but not spawn camping constantly (several spawn kills allowed, but not in a row); Camping in enemy territory - Allowed any type of camping.
  14. If there are problems with master server, then you can't do anything with it. In this situation I'm just pressing Refresh not so often, just need wait or try to join later
  15. Hi Everyone! I wanted to tell you about a player 888 (aka random). You probably know him, he basically plays in the Crossfire Night server. Approximately two weeks ago we talked in the game about the mouses that we use. He said that he played with the mouse Logitech G501 (or G502), and I play with the mouse from A4Tech, which is more than 10 years old . After that, he said he wants to mail me his other mouse, Razer Copperhead, which he used to play before. I was pleasantly surprised by his proposal, since no one had sent me parcels from another country. But still, it was uncomfortable to agree with him, because he would spend his time and money on sending mail to a man he did not even see. In spite of a lot of polite refusals on my part, he still sent the parcel. And today I received a call from the post office and was told that for me there is a parcel post from Ukraine I'll receive the parcel after I go home and put here some new photos later . Here are the pictures of mouse Razer Copperhead that he took before mailing me: at the right side Logitech G501, at left side Razer Copperhead
  16. Parcel post from Ukraine

    So after coming home I received the parcel and here new photos : This was my old mouse which I used more than 10 years, never was repaired and it still works pretty good : Comparison: Before using I desided to clean it up : Mouse illumination fits to my laptop : Thanks Everyone for viewing this topic! ----------------------------------------------- I thank my friend @888 for such a cool gift ----------------------------------------------- THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
  17. VICKY ninja practise

  18. Parcel post from Ukraine

    Thanks @Trauma! But actually mouse is not such a main thing here, the main is his act
  19. Your best high score.

    @IAV4K dude, for me it is just WOW!
  20. @FNATIC I didn't say all Rookies ), I just said Rookies, I meant those Rookies who using their power in wrong way. But I hope that Martian is not abuser, bcz I also didn't hear of him doing so)
  21. Damn... another abuse? wth happening with Rookies?

    @Vicky Calm down your t...s pls No one says that it was exactly your fault. You need to read the question carefully.
  23. -=DW=- Don

    It is Awesome! I really like it!

    As I understand from your words, You, Mani (rookie admin) and several other players have agreed and played only a knife in the Hardcore Crossfire server. Some other players started to shoot you and play not according to "your rules", but in response you started noticing them about "breaking of the rules" and admin Mani kicked them from the server indicating the appropriate reason. @Vicky, no one says that they were banned. The question is, those guys were kicked because they simply did not want to play by your rules, was it all true?