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    forum New panel

    Weapons stats on profile which you added recently.... I think it shows stats (or weapons) wrongly... For example, for me it shows R700 in the 1st place (which I use very rarely) instead of Barrett 0.5 cal. (which I use very often) Also all pics are not opening at same time... After refreshing of the page some of them are open, some still not....
  2. Uzbek

    forum New panel

    This link shows wrong B3 ID for the client "wtf pasta". Actually @6353 is my B3 ID. Also everyone can see IP adress of current player, maybe you should hide it or make it visible only for admins...
  3. Uzbek

    forum New panel

    Small bug
  4. Uzbek

    DWWarrior Refuses to remove DW tag..

    @Ninja, @DoN no problem guys, just I though that it wouldn't be fair to kick/warn someone who uses (maybe) their own DW tag and ask them to remove it just bcz of same letters. But you know better than me and I'm not arguing with you guys.
  5. Hi guys! Few minutes ago I was playing at CFN and used Reaper. But while I was shooting from Reaper I was autobalanced to another team and my sight turned into a sight from Reaper. And Trauma was horrified to see this. It was her face there ^^ (Jk)
  6. Uzbek

    DWWarrior Refuses to remove DW tag..

    Recently 1 guy told me that DW tag can be not only our tag. There is also Digital Warriors clan (http://www.digitalwarriors.cc/) which has their own tag [=DW=], but players also can use just DW letter of this tag. And maybe this guy is using exactly that tag, not ours, and it is kinda not fair to warn or kick players that use DW letters of other clans tag... Tomorrow there can appear another clan with DW letters in its name and they also will have their own tag. So I think we need to select maximum 2 variants of our tag instead of several. Why 2?... Bcz 1 is used in our servers name and another 1 can be used in game. It should be 2 of these tags: -=DW=- (6 chars as it written in our serves name) DW| (3 chars) =DW= (4 chars) -DW- (4 chars) DW' (3 chars) *DW* (4 chars) and others (there can be a lot of other variants...) @Kevin, @IAV4K, @DoN, @Ninja, @andreadb98, @eXe, @Segria
  7. Uzbek

    my intro :)

    Welcome to the forums dude!
  8. Uzbek

    my sniper skills

  9. Uzbek


    Hello and Welcome to the forums!
  10. Uzbek

    call of duty 4 RavenOfMetin Baned

    @RavenOfMetin there no any bans on this GUID. Try to join again. If you are still kicked then try it later after restarting your PC and modem / router.
  11. Uzbek

    what happened to hardcore Crossfire

    HCF doean't appear in my servers list too. I thing it is temporarely, untill it appears again you need connect to the server bu it's IP:
  12. Uzbek

    cyka blyat? :P

    Damn how did you know?^^
  13. Uzbek

    My self

    Wellcome to the forums @eXp||Space and enjoy it!
  14. Uzbek

    Im Back

    Wellcome back @FNATIC
  15. Uzbek


    Bro, guys are just joking sometimes we need it
  16. Uzbek


    My personal best is 19 seconds
  17. Uzbek

    When your ping is too high

    hahaha but where are smoke clouds with some fire in it?
  18. Uzbek

    New Rule ?

    You are right my Friend! Just it is really annoying when someone doing it long enough... But it is up to RA's. It was just my offer
  19. Uzbek

    New Rule ?

    It is useles to ask them in tgis situation, bcz they are doing it on purpose Forexample, many times they shoot me when I have some really good score, with this act they are showing to enemy my position. Another situation, when some team mates standing infront of you in order to interfere with your game
  20. Uzbek

    New Rule ?

    It would be better if we add to the rules shooting of team mates and blocking the view by standing infront of snipers (or other team mates): - Do not shoot your team mate, do not block the view of your team mate.
  21. Uzbek

    New Rule ?

    ??? I thought binds (for reload, for weapon change, etc..) are allowed and actually almost all PROs use them to escape animations.
  22. Uzbek


    I see you already crying in your profile pic, heheh... But I will let you choose 1 bullet for yourself from my profile pic Don't worry, I'll make a neat hole in your head.... heheheheee... You and @pascal, both against me in Crossfire Night today evening after 21:00pm (Tashkent time)... Don't forget, I'm sniper-camper (not rusher). Goodluck n(. )( .)bs
  23. Uzbek


    I accept the challenge, meet me in the dark alley of cross-fire night today evening Dead body
  24. 3 years ago I made it from A4 format office paper. Thanks for watching
  25. New Yamaha? looks awesome! ;)