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  1. 41

    nc GIF and congratz dude!
  2. Your best high score.

    @MetalUpYerAss, @DoN guys you are funny (in the good sense) @Malfri nc score dude! btw next time u can take screenshots with F12, they will be saved ....(CoD4 installed folder)\main\screenshots
  3. OP Sniper Rifle

    I play only in (Hardcore/Softcore) Crossfire, not other maps. So if u want I can do it.) At this moment I'm at work, notebook and internet connection here not so good for playing, but I can try.
  4. OP Sniper Rifle

    Damage level of M40A3 is less than Barrett 0.50 cal)) thats why I'm using it, but M40A3 is very good for quickscoping. Your long range sniping class is my old class)) long time I used M40A3 and desided replace it with Barrett (more ammos, more damage and semi-automatic rifle)
  5. OP Sniper Rifle

    I like long range sniping, so I don't like ACOG at all. Here is mine class: Primary: Barrett 0.50 cal (because it has more ammos and power) Secondary: Desert Eagle (gold) Perk1: Bandolier (more kill streak and long time playing) Perk2: Stopping power (you know why :)) Perk3: Deep impact (more chances to kill the enemy behind the wall) Using this class I made 156/6, you can see it at my latest post here:
  6. Your best high score.

    aaahahahah ok dude! As you wish.))
  7. Your best high score.

    redtiger, do you have any proof that I'm hacker or its jut your opinion? I never used any hacks. Otherwise I would have been already banned. Please don't talk much if you do not know.)) And guys) put your screenshots)
  8. Your best high score.

    You are good player) you can do better score but don't forget to take screenshot next time!
  9. Hi guys! I invite everyone to show your in game high scores here
  10. It's me...))

    Hey guys! Thank You for your hearty welcome! @tfninja , yes man, I know u and I remember ur another nick iKNIFE) Damn u r perfect at knifing! Respect for ur style!
  11. It's me...))

    Greetings to all! I am **UZBEKISTAN** from Uzbekistan)). I used to play on -bBF- servers, I was a VIP member there. After the -bBF- was closed, I began to play more on AP51 than on other servers. On AP51 I was banned 3 times for no reason, I hope this will not happen again here). Guys u r best! Merry Christmas to all! P.S. in SoftCore I liked that mode, where were PREDATOR, HELIs, ARRTILLERY, REAPER and others. Why it was cancelled? Pls bring it back))