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  1. Uzbek


    Welcome to the forums!
  2. Uzbek

    call of duty 4 i was banned ( |HAX|ZeRo )

    Really?!?! WOW!!! На тебе нет бана http://panel.dwarea.com/client.php?cid=65741 (см. вкладку Penalties, там нет никакого бана) Иногда так бывает. Попробуй перезагрузить модем + комп и потом подключись заново.
  3. Uzbek


    Wellcome to the forums Bro! @Araf He knows english not good, so he using google translator
  4. There is no ban on this GUID, try to connect later, after rebooting modem and restarting your PC.
  5. Uzbek


    In TDM sometimes player get Helicopter from Carry Pack, but that Heli is useless, it is just arrives and flies away. Is it bug? Can it be solved?
  6. Uzbek

    COD Montage - DoN The Ninja

    Another awesome movie! Adn intro was pretty good!
  7. Uzbek

    DWvsDW Challenge - Video Highlights

    My death at 1:34
  8. Uzbek

    call of duty 4 !!--- GIVEAWAY ---!!

    Congratulatins guys!
  9. Uzbek

    DWvsDW Challenge - Video Highlights

    Wow! Awesome intro (I was introduced first yay! ), Very good sound accompaniment! This video looks like trailer of a cool war movie!
  10. Uzbek

    forum New panel

    Weapons stats on profile which you added recently.... I think it shows stats (or weapons) wrongly... For example, for me it shows R700 in the 1st place (which I use very rarely) instead of Barrett 0.5 cal. (which I use very often) Also all pics are not opening at same time... After refreshing of the page some of them are open, some still not....
  11. Uzbek

    forum New panel

    This link shows wrong B3 ID for the client "wtf pasta". Actually @6353 is my B3 ID. Also everyone can see IP adress of current player, maybe you should hide it or make it visible only for admins...
  12. Uzbek

    forum New panel

    Small bug
  13. Hi guys! Few minutes ago I was playing at CFN and used Reaper. But while I was shooting from Reaper I was autobalanced to another team and my sight turned into a sight from Reaper. And Trauma was horrified to see this. It was her face there ^^ (Jk)
  14. Uzbek

    my intro :)

    Welcome to the forums dude!