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  1. DW Servers under attack

    DDoS'ing in when you feed the server a ton of information all at one time. that way the server slows down and its makes you lag really bad. like 700 ping lag if they are any good at DDoS that's all a DDoS can do though is make a server lag. cant shut down the b3 or shut down the servers or crash your game
  2. DW Servers under attack

    DDoS’ing can’t force your game to crash. It can only lag you out, or dc you from the server. It can’t actually shut your game down. Someone messed with the mod, or the code, and the game does not know what’s going on. The code or mod is messed up, and it closes the game. 100% impossible for it to be a DDoS.
  3. Fortnite

    xD I play the game I can only come in second over and over and over again
  4. It gives the ie33 error and closes the game on all dw servers at the moment. its def the servers and not the game.
  5. Glitched

    I hate fps and fov I only use stats. So thanks for nothing @IVA4K :P. Nah I tested it and that does work thanks for the advice.
  6. Glitched

    Yeah I have the same problem I just have to click it every time I play.
  7. Zombie flooding

    all I know is that it only happens if that person becomes the zombie they don't get moved at all the b3 cant do anything with them. and it lags the server out. maybe it was just that one time I don't know. just thought it was worth the report
  8. Zombie flooding

    When people don't spawn in on the zombie server, and just stay dead and it kicks them. It does not work if they are the zombie, and it floods that the b3 is trying to kick them "playername has been kicked you appear to be afk" and for some reason they don't get kicked and makes the server lag super bad.