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{GR}Greek Team

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  1. {GR}Greek Team


    Hello all today i want to say THANKS to @piko @DoN @pascal and all the admins and members because they help me with a problem with call of duty 4. Thanks Again
  2. {GR}Greek Team


    Hello today i saw a player who spamming notices because he said he saw a hacker. Maybe b3 must kick or ban the players who spamming notices.
  3. {GR}Greek Team

    New Rule ?

    Hello the problem with this rule is that it does not appear in the rules (!r)
  4. {GR}Greek Team


    Hello all i found a skin for a gun how can i use it ?
  5. {GR}Greek Team


    All under control now
  6. {GR}Greek Team


    B3 doesnt work at hardcore
  7. {GR}Greek Team


    Ah ok
  8. {GR}Greek Team


    Hello again how can i understand a player who use aimbot?
  9. Hello all i was at Crossfire night and was a player who was a wallhacker i have rec him. What can we do?
  10. {GR}Greek Team


  11. {GR}Greek Team

    I think is wallhacker and i think we must ban him!

    what is uav jammer?
  12. {GR}Greek Team


    thanks !!!
  13. {GR}Greek Team


    Hello when i see a hacker what must i do?
  14. {GR}Greek Team

    Crossfire Night

    Hello at Crossfire night when i typed notice i cant report a player who was a hacker.
  15. {GR}Greek Team


    Thanks for the help!
  16. {GR}Greek Team

    Crossfire Night

    Hello all why the name at Crossfire Night is this ? When i join it isnt night. I think someone must rename this server.
  17. {GR}Greek Team


    Hello all. why i cant find softcore ?
  18. {GR}Greek Team

    Call of Duty 4

    hello to all I made a mistake and I deleted my profile how to restore it? hello to all I made a mistake and I deleted my profile how to restore it?
  19. {GR}Greek Team

    Call of Duty 4

    Call of duty 4 is a first person shooter and is the best game!!!
  20. {GR}Greek Team

    Call of Duty 4

    Hello all who is admin in softcore?